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  • Truman Public Utilities, Truman, MN

    A nice old fashioned open delta transformer bank.

  • Stearns Electric Association, St. Wendel, MN

    This is kind of weird, a few years ago, Stearns Electric went through this tiny town and put the main line underground, yet left the transformer poles.

  • Special transformer bank

    Here is a schematic diagram I created of the crazy transformer setup A. R. Hudson recently photographed on Duquesne Light's system in Pittsburg, PA. It combines a standard floating wye- delta transformer bank with a variation of the Scott-T transformer b…

  • NSP Power Plant, St. Cloud, MN

    A picture my sister found for me of the old NSP plant that once stood here in town. St. Cloud Dam is in the background. Just off to the right is where the present St. Cloud Substation sits, on the south end of the SCSU campus.

  • North Branch Water and Light, North Branch, MN

    A couple of rundown risers powering the 2400V system from the power plant. This actually fed the line in this photo: www.ipernity.com/doc/justin.schlueter/19 143541 The 2400V system bit the dust several years back. Hard to believe I took this photo 10 ye…

  • Old transformer Pole, NSP St. Paul style

    A real quick drawing I did of something I saw when I was in a pizza joint in an old part of St. Paul several years back- there was a picture of the building back in probably the early 60s, and the power lines running along side. That was the first time I…

  • Main substation

    A drawing of the main substation on my imaginary municipal system. 69 kV comes in, 12,470Y/7,200V comes out on one heavy circuit.

  • Regulator Station

    A small 2400V voltage regulator station I drew for part of my municipal system. Could have sworn I've run across some ancient regulators like that in real life.. The riser on the left is the feed. The transformer on the right in the station is a 2400-7200…

  • Grounding Bank

    Here is what is known as a "grounding" bank, or a wye- delta transformer bank. This connection is used to derive a neutral for line to neutral loads or to provide a grounding point on a three wire system. The incoming could be a three wire delta source su…

  • Open wye to full four wire wye

    Here is another one of my modified drawings, this time with three transformers in a special transformer bank giving a four wire 208Y/120 volts from only two phases and a neutral "open wye" line. All three transformers need only be three bushing with this…

  • Open wye-four wire wye bank

    Here is a very special transformer connection, which is used to give 208Y120V four wire wye from an "open wye" or two live phases + neutral line. It requires one transformer with four secondary bushings as shown. There is also a version with three transfo…

  • Head Scratcher?

    I've been trying to figure out the transformer connections on the three transformers used for station power on the mobile substation in use (twice) recently in my area. I did a drawing as it was easier to show because I had to look at probably 7-8 differe…

  • Litchfield Public Utilities, Litchfield, MN

    A photo of the old power plant in Litchfield. Two large diesel generators are present, as well as some offices. The city also has a much newer power plant across the road next to the substation; which houses five more diesel generators- enough to carry th…

  • Top Bushing Transformer

    A scan from the Lineman's Handbook, 2nd Ed. 1942 showing a transformer on a rural line with top mounted secondary bushings. This is one of the few photos that I have seen of such. (Photo courtesy of the James R Kearney Corp.)

  • East Central Energy, Duelm, MN

    Just a classic REA tap pole.

  • Railroad Car shops, Waite Park, MN

    The source riser coming out of a metering/ switchgear feeding a private line that feeds an old industrial complex.

  • Crow Wing Power, Baxter, MN

    I usually don't get too exited about coop stuff, but this is probably the busiest coop pole I've ever come across.

  • Northern States Power, Rockville, MN

    A substation I really wish I would have photographed and checked out up close. I went there in late 2011 to find just the transformers and a Lull inside the fence. : ( This substation took 34.5 kV down to 4160V for the city of Rockville, as well as 2400V…

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