Living with the thorns

Flowers, trees and scenery


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Daisy, daisy give me your answer do....

Dried grasses

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Like the first time again...Country love song Rod Chandler- Lead Vocal, and Electric Rhythm guitar Merle Earle- Backing Vocals and Acoustic guitar Richard Denney- Bass and B-Bender solo Smokey Fennell- Pedal Steel guitar Jeff Brownlee- Lead guitar and mixing Harald Kay- Drums and mastering

Thistle and weeds

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Thistle & Weeds - Mumford and Sons

Milk thistle with butterfly

Pond life.

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Love is a flower

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The Emotions - Flowers

Bees love me

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Silybum (milk thistle) is a genus of two species of thistles, in the daisy family (Asteraceae). The plants are native to the Mediterranean regions of Europe and the Middle East. One species has been introduced elsewhere, including in North America. The name "milk thistle" derives from a feature of the leaves, which are prominently banded with splashes of white. Historically, these milky bands were said to be Mother Mary's milk, and this is the origin of another common name, St. Mary's thistle. The most widespread species is Silybum marianum.

Wild apple blossom

Actual site of the Battle of Naseby 1645

Another view from Ampleforth Abbey

Bakewell, Peak District

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An oldie from the archives

Barnwell Country Park, Oundle

Buxton, Derbyshire

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