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  • A house plant fractal ;-)

    Original photo in PIP

  • A bygone age...

    Remnants from the steel industry. Texture from Picmonkey.

  • Saturday Self Challenge 13/10/2018

    On Explore...thank you This week's challenge is Water droplets in any form, and processing is allowed The original is in PIP 1 and is SOOC Pip 2 is another photo-shop doodle lol.

  • Autumn berries

    On Explore.....thank you

  • Last throes of summer

  • Saturday Self Challenge 6/10/2018

    On Explore...thank you.. This week's challenge is diagonal lines. Processing is allowed. Original in the PIP, It's the sluice gate which takes the overflow from our local lake under the main road. See my blog for the tribute to Montserrat Cabellé, who d…

  • Few and far between.


  • She....

    On Explore...thank you A tribute to Charles Aznavour, who died yesterday aged 94. One of my favourite singers from the 70's youtu.be/Q1YipLB-rQQ youtu.be/67Or_E7DwTw

  • Shades of autumn 2008

  • Saturday Self Challenge 29/9/2018

    On Explore....thank you.. This week's challenge is Black and white, with leading lines. There is another example in the PIP

  • Tumblr F1

    SOOC In my garden

  • Space debris ;-)

  • Saturday Self Challenge 22/9/2018

    On Explore...thank you. This week's challenge is to take a photo and post process it to achieve the goal for your subject. I have kept the processing to a minimum so as not to distract from the actual subject. Original is in the pip The original is t…

  • Cosmos

    In my garden....SOOC

  • Garlic seeds

    See PIP

  • Saturday Self Challenge 15/9/2018

    On Explore....thank you. This weeks challenge.... Flowers SOOC (straight out of camera)

  • Soft lilac

  • Male mallard

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