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  • After the rain....

    On Explore....thank you... Textures from PhotoStudio Pro Shirley Bassey - After The Rain (w/ Richard Hawley) (2009 Live at Electric Proms) youtu.be/LNu3PAIZuAU

  • Another view from Ampleforth Abbey

  • Snow has arrived....

    See PIP Model from yale-stock.deviantart.com/ Textures from PhotoStudio Pro On Explore...thank you

  • Autumn Pastels

  • Country Impressions

    Texture from Prisma

  • Harris Hawk

    The Harris Hawk or Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus) formerly known as the Bay-winged Hawk or Dusky Hawk, is a medium-large bird of prey which breeds from the south western United States south to Chile and central Argentina. Birds are sometimes reported…

  • Keeping cool.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends On Explore...thank you Model by inferno_sensus @ www.deviantart.com Textures from PhotoStudio Pro

  • Cromer Pier & Promenade

  • You can take a girl out of the city....

    But you can't take the city out of the girl.... On Explore, thank you.... Model from faestock www.deviantart.com. Thank you Jessica. Textures from Photostudio Pro.

  • Grey Eagle Buzzard ( South America)

    The Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (Geranoaetus melanoleucus) is a bird of prey of the hawk and eagle family (Accipitridae). It lives in open regions of South America. This species is also known as the Black Buzzard-eagle and Grey Buzzard-eagle. This is a h…

  • Rhapsody in orange

  • Lest we forget...

    On Explore...thank you ..... The Crosses I stood there before the crosses glowing white in row on row Everyone a young life cut short as the names upon them show. The dates they died below the names tell of wars now past and gone Passchendaele, the So…

  • Ferruginous Buzzard

    The Ferruginous Hawk (ferruginous = from Latin ferrum - iron, ferrgin-, iron rust, iron-rust color - reddish-brown), Buteo regalis (Latin, royal hawk), is a large bird of prey. It is not a true hawk like sparrowhawks or goshawks, but rather belongs to the…

  • Melancholy blues

    Louis Armstrong - Melancholy blues youtu.be/qYyiQrLkD-o

  • They live amongst us >>>>

    Chris de Burgh - A Spaceman Came Travelling youtu.be/GmZg7tvGN9o

  • Fly me to the moon....

    On Explore...thank you Stock resources and textures from Pixabay and PhotoStudio Pro Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra youtu.be/QKhcTfskXJ4

  • The warm glow that is....love ♥

    On Explore...thank you... Model stock from Pixabay. Textures from Pixlr The Glow of Love by Change ♫ youtu.be/eMrDJLPlq20 Paul Hardcastle ~ Warm Glow ~Lavender Hill Penthouse Suite~ ♫ youtu.be/LjTh-MNL_cQ

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