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  • Ruins of St Mary's Abbey, York

  • Siesta Time !

    Thrigsby Wildlife Centre, Norfolk Crocodilians include two species of alligator, the American and Chinese. The largest animals living here in the Swamp House at the moment are the American species. Also exhibited are Marsh or Mugger Crocodiles and young…

  • Choisya White Dazzler

    SOOC In my garden Best viewed large, see PIP. Pity we don't have smelly vision lol. This has a beautiful fragrance.

  • Peony

    In my garden.. SOOC..... On Explore...thank you...

  • White Headed African Vulture

    The White-headed Vulture (Trigonoceps occipitalis) is an Old World vulture endemic to Africa. It has a pink beak and a white crest, and the featherless areas on its head are pale. Its has dark brown upper parts and black tail feathers. The feathers on its…

  • Johnny Puddleduck ;-)

    This little fella could usually be found in a puddle in the woods, where I walk Harry. He normally has his mate with him, but not on this occasion. The puddles are all starting to dry up now, so he has disappeared back across the main road to the lake.

  • Oh to be in England

    On Explore...thank you... Oh, to be in England... Now that April 's there, And whoever wakes in England Sees, some morning, unaware, That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf, While the chaffinch sings on th…

  • Awaiting opportunities

    If only the rain would stop.............. On Explore...thank you..

  • Confusion....

    On Explore...thank you..

  • African vulture 2

  • Harry

    Harry Connick Jr and His Dad sing "I'm Just Wild About Harry" youtu.be/DJc53wxt5h0

  • The Rocket House

    There has been a rocket house on this site since WW2, where the old house was used ( I believe) as a look out post. It was turned in to a cafe after the war, and in the last few years completely rebuilt, and opened by Ronnie Corbett in 2006. But always…

  • A hint of yellow

    SOOC In my garden

  • Dwarf hyacinth

    On Explore...thank you. SOOC In my garden

  • The Woodland Nymph

    On Explore..thank you... Model is from twilitemuse @ www.deviantart.com Textures and overlays from Photolab Pro and PhotoStudio Pro Beautiful, supernatural, young maidens referred to as Wood Nymphs featured in the legends and mythology of Ancient Greece…

  • Paris 2009


  • Bird's eye view of Edinburgh

    Edinburgh Looking towards Firth of Forth

  • The first burst of spring...

    In Explore...thank you Spring Classical Music youtu.be/F0GvYj8VJow

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