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23 Feb 2021 29 20 68
In my garden

Have a good weekend everyone ;-)

The Triangular Lodge

05 May 2021 33 23 89
On Explore...thank you. The Triangular Lodge is a folly, designed and constructed between 1593 and 1597 by Sir Thomas Tresham near Rushton, Northamptonshire, England. It is now in the care of English Heritage. The stone used for the construction was alternating bands of dark and light limestone. Tresham was a Roman Catholic and was imprisoned for a total of fifteen years in the late 16th century for refusing to become a Protestant. On his release in 1593, he designed the Lodge as a protestation of his faith. His belief in the Holy Trinity is represented everywhere in the Lodge by the number three: it has three walls 33 feet long, each with three triangular windows and surmounted by three gargoyles. The building has three floors, upon a basement, and a triangular chimney. A Latin text 33 letters long runs around the building on each facade. These quotations are:- 1.Aperiatur terra & germinet salvatorem. 2.Quis seperabit nos a charitate Christi. 3.Consideravi opera tua domine at expavi.

You just have to do something ;-)

A Friday doodle ;-)

Last of the daffs in my garden

27 Apr 2021 36 25 93
On Explore...thank you

Looking back, moving forward....

13 Apr 2021 34 27 99
1) Austin 7 Produced in the UK from 1923-1939 2) Flow to go The Chrysler Airflow was produced by Chrysler from 1934-1937 3) Porsche Boxter

Have a nice weekend one and all (◕‿-)

15 Apr 2021 43 30 129
On Explore...thank you In my garden


05 Apr 2021 39 25 119
In my garden a while back


20 Jun 2020 36 22 102
From my garden last summer.

3D Art

05 Apr 2021 34 23 91
On Explore...thank you Made from the panel on my front door.

Soft and delicate

25 Mar 2021 40 28 106
In my garden

Flower art

23 Mar 2021 34 25 91
This is Charlie's rose called Paws, from my garden. It is actually pink, but I gave it a colour makeover :-))

Into the eye of the storm....

25 Mar 2021 43 40 114
Have a great weekend everyone....

European Buzzard

07 Sep 2011 39 31 118
On Explore...thank you The Common Buzzard measures between 40 and 58 cm (16 and 23 in) in length with a 109–136 cm (43–54 in) wingspan and a body mass of 427–1,364 g (0.94–3.01 lb), making it a medium-sized raptor. This broad-winged raptor has a wide variety of plumages, and in Europe can be confused with the similar Rough-legged Buzzard (Buteo lagopus) and the only distantly related Honey Buzzard (Pernis apivorus), which mimics the Common Buzzard's plumage for a degree of protection from Northern Goshawks[citation needed]. The plumage can vary in Britain from almost pure white to black, but is usually shades of brown, with a pale 'necklace' of feathers.

Black -eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Goldsturm)

14 Mar 2021 40 29 117
In my garden last year. Have a great week everyone !!!

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe....

Dwarf hyacinth

14 Mar 2021 41 28 121
In my garden

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