• DSC03150

    My latest piece of garb. This is a coat and trousers done in the Turkish style - which was also popular in Italy- during the 16th Century. I still need to hem the coat and add buttons but it's almost done.

  • sca garb 012

    Late 1550's Venetian style bodice. I'm working on this gown and hope to have it done by tomorrow. I'm adding the silver/gray trim in the photo to go around the bodice. After that, I'll add the skirt and then I can start on the lacing rings....

  • sca garb 014

    Late 16th century styled "Spanish" surcote. The picture is terrible but the coat is modeled after the ones said to be worn in Naples, Italy in the 1580's into the early 17th century. It has hanging sleeves and is pleated in the back. This is a side vi…

  • marxersgarb

    My nephew's Turkish garb!

  • Turkish Coat Mom 007

  • Turkish Coat Mom 010

  • Jan 06 2008 001

    Mid 16th c gown in full view. The skirt is open at the front but it's hard to see in this photo. I'm going to wear it with a red velvet forepart.

  • viking dress

    This is what happens when I try to play early period stuff. The picture of me is horrible because this was taken at about 10:30 at night and I was tired. The dress still looks okay though.

  • MDRF 2007 010

  • Italian 022

    Front of gown on the dress dummy

  • P1010010

    This is my brother Joey trying on his Viking outfit. It's not perfect by a long stretch but it works. The tunic is out of red linen and the pants are out of a lightweight black wool.

  • P1010020

    I tried to pin the sleeve correctly prior to beading it. The pinning just didn't work out because the pins kept slipping. However, I think you can get a good idea of how it should look.

  • dress 015

  • dress 005

  • Sissy 017

    Mom's 16th c kirtle with hand sewn neckline and eyelets for lacing. I made this in blue cotton for two reasons; I live in Atlantia (SCA) and the cotton was a cheap fabric I had lying around that I wouldn't cry if I messed up horribly with it. The second…

  • Ginsie 008

    My pup, Miss Ginsie, wearing her Norse dress for a day of re-enacting.

  • 12th night 008

    This is the overdress. I really really love the skirt on it. It's so much fun to twirl in.

  • 12th night 006

    This is the undergown for my 1490's Italian outfit. I honestly like the undergown more than the overdress because it just looks good on anything or anyone.

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