Joel Dinda

Joel Dinda

Posted on 04/27/2008

Photo taken on April 25, 2008

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Operations Center

Operations Center
For several decades the Michigan Liquor Control Commission had a warehouse at the State Secondary Complex, near Dimondale. When MLCC abandoned that operation, the State planned to renovate the warehouse into an office building, but eventually came to their senses and built a new building in its place. And gave it this dreadful name. (Fits right in, that name; some other buildings in the complex are Photo Lab, Secretary of State Building, and [believe it or not] General Office Building. We're the ugly stepchildren of Michigan's government.)

Like at our building, the trees have an architectural-drawing look to them, but Ops Center's a lot newer and the trees might grow out of it. I rather like the way they're all in bloom this week; thus the picture.

When I tell my boss I'm going "across the bridge," this is where my meeting is. The photo is better LARGE, of course.