Josephine Bell

Josephine Bell

Posted on 07/27/2017

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This is a story about friendship.

This is a story about friendship.
And sometimes friends can have a fall-out, and when that happens, they need to kick the shit out of each other before they can be friends again. That's the moral. Beat the tar out of your friends. When it's over, the friendship will just be stronger for it. Now, a Friendship Pro Tip would be to avoid this sort of unpleasantness entirely by not killing your friend's friends in the first place and making them kind of want to kill you in return; but, everybody makes mistakes.

I'm being flippant. This scene was one of the first that even came to me between these characters and made me go wow, what in the world led to this? I've written at least five different versions and each one gets a little closer to what I actually want to say. It means a lot to me, which is why I was kind of surprised to find myself cackling like a madwoman while I was making it. It is the farthest thing from funny, but in the midst of placing all the owies all over both of them that they left on each other I was just like... I love them both so much, lol. I love them. Poor babies. <3