Josephine Bell

Josephine Bell

Posted on 07/10/2013

Photo taken on July  9, 2013

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Vienna and Alex @ Club Café, 7/9/2013

Vienna and Alex @ Club Café, 7/9/2013
Welp. I promised myself I was going to be chill in regards to photos at this event, but two magical things happened: 1) I met up with Terri and her family who of course were there early and had the best seats in the house, and they let me pull up a chair and sit about four feet in front of Vienna, and 2) I discovered a fantastic combination of settings on my camera that just freaking worked. Soooo. Yes. I took a lot of pictures. I told Vienna afterwards that I hoped it didn't bother her and that if you find yourself looking into my lens more often than my eyes it means that I love you. She didn't start trying to move away from me at that point, so I think she was cool with it.

This is an approximation of the set list - I couldn't find a pen to write it down with. It's probably all the songs, absolutely not in the correct order.

Whatever You Want
The Last Snowfall
Hymn of Axciom
Eric's Song
City Hall
The Tower ("Club Café 2013 Version")
[ New song - something about "mama" ]
Goodnight New York
Grandmother Song
Green Island Serenade

As always, she was amazing, Alex was amazing, it was amazing. Everybody enthusiastically joined in the chorus of City Hall without even being prompted to do so and there was clearly an energy present that was different from any other time I've heard her to that song because of DOMA, and that was an incredible moment to have been a part of. Axciom was incredible live and we had a great discussion afterwards about the air of desperation marketing inherently carries with it. And she did this improvised ending to the Tower that she dubbed the Club Café 2013 version because it just happened and she wasn't sure where it came from.

And we got to talking about grad school after the show, and it was not unlike giving myself a Tarot reading, because everything she said just took what I already know and reinforced it with steel beams. She's just a classy lady who has her head on straight and is wildly talented. I missed her while she was off getting smart and hope she comes back to this area again soon, and cannot wait for the new album in September. :D