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  • hey callie... u ok?

    You're not, are you? :[

  • As every year - fantastic fun times at the Nalevanko Halloween party. :D

  • Sherlock and John. :D

  • Halloween house. <3

  • Dis house tho.

    I think I've photographed this room from so many angles so many times that I could put them all together and make a 360-degree slideshow. :D

  • Haaaaaayride!

  • Love this girl.

    (Don't forget the other boy in the band, George Washington. He's a little lonely, wants to join his buddies.)

  • Happy doggy on an adventure.

  • Log Man.

    Somehow I missed this one while I was going through and editing my DragonCon photos from this year. When I remembered it I had to go find it and fix this. Bless the log man.

  • Kids enjoying some art.

    Eeee !!! Lights!

  • Maggie @ the gallery crawl.

  • Juniper the fairy at the Pittsburgh ren fair. :)

    Hottest ren fair ever, but still awesome.

  • Well la dee da.

    For someone who hasn't touched watercolors in her adult life, this could have gone worse. And of course it's Callie. I *almost* painted something not-my-story but then I thought whoa horsey, one new adventure at a time.

  • The headmaster's quarters.

    Because I was really in the mood to try and draw architecture. And winter. And also Merv doing paperwork in his jim jams.

  • Lakehouse weekend.

  • Lakehouse weekend.

  • Lakehouse weekend.

  • Lakehouse weekend.

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