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  • Goodbye, con.

    Even though my body is inevitably broken by this point, the end of the con always makes my heart a little heavy. Everything goes back to normal when the con ends, and it's an adjustment after spending days staring in wonder at everything around me and mee…

  • FutureBeat party 2017.

    This is probably the most metal photo I've ever taken. No, not probably. Definitely. And it's because Brett's probably the most metal person I've ever met. No, not probably. Definitely.

  • FutureBeat party 2017.

  • FutureBeat party 2017.

  • FutureBeat party 2017.

  • FutureBeat party 2017.

    I'm always looking to capture the energy of DragonCon in my photos and this is one of the ones that does that for me.

  • Cosplay wins: Doctor Strange.

  • Cosplay wins: Spock.

  • Why, hello sir.


    FOR REAL, THIS GUY TRIPPED ME OUT. Not only is he literally Hugh Laurie, but he was also limping around the Marriott looking miserable and I saw him and nearly died. Look - nobody has to physically look like who you wanna cosplay, you can cosplay w h o e…

  • M a r r i o t t

  • Cosplay wins: Santa's true form.

  • DragonCon street scenes.

  • DragonCon street scenes.

    good one

  • Cosplay wins: Doctors and friends.

  • Reflection on Peachtree.

  • Cosplay wins: Captain Jack.

    I had to do a double-take for this guy, especially because knowing John Barrowman, he'd totally show up to DragonCon cosplaying his own character.

  • Cosplay wins: Harry and Draco.

    They are engaged IRL. :D Awwww.

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