Posted on 11/08/2008

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why the distance between man and nature?

why the distance between man and nature?
whom does the fence protect? you tell me. us from each other, man from nature, nature from man?

SPW Rogall
SPW Rogall
1.: The fence keeps people from beeing attacked by wild pigs. (elks?)

2: The fence is made to prevent the wood from getting stolen. (Probably not today, but who knwos about the future oil-prices?)

3.: The fence is to underline an aestethic border between the trees and the .....not so pretty (sorry)....... "architecture".

4.: The people living there think you never know..........they watch TV too often.

5.: If there was no fence, people would throw their garbage even further into the underbrush. (sorry again, not a theory on this specific place)

6. The forest belongs to a rich man who does not want to be disturbed by the (I reckon) not so rich inhabitants of the houses while hunting (or whatever) (We call those guys bambi-killers)

7.: Behind the fence, theres an army training ground.

8.: In the middle of the forest there`s a chemo-nuclear laboratory. Or they make trials on gentically modified homuncully deep in the woods. (Frankenstein & compnay incorporated)

9.: Might be too cold there, otherwise someone might grow weed in the forest...

10. Trolls in the wood?

Anyway I must underline that all of these theories, except the elks &and the trolls, are based on considerations on basis of my personal -and not alway serious- experiences/memories of my homeplace & have nothing to do with Sweden
10 years ago.
Jonathan has replied to SPW Rogall
thanks for the comments! i personally like the idea of the trolls. it's funny because the fence stops half way around and the forest is tiny. good reasons, all of them!
10 years ago.
Ke Marshall
Ke Marshall
I think it is a boundary issue with man and nature. Nature is fluent and welcome us, but we have our agendas when it comes to having space which leaves nature separate. However if we are one with nature, we clearly never escape it. After all we are part of Nature. What we do in actions form this sort of problem. Man likes to take and also likes to keep out.
10 years ago.

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