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Color My World

I've been on a shallow DOF kick lately. You never know what kind of backgrounf you're going to get.

The Birth of a Lilac...

I finally have my Lilac! I've been following the Lilac tree outside of my balcony since I saw the first bud and have been trying to photograph it from the same angle all month. The final flower is from the little bud on the right... Img1-3/30/08 Img2- 4/12/08 Img3-4/17/08 Img4-4/20/08 Img5-4/23/08 Img6-5/04/08


Lone Cone

DSC 0070

Wanted to find some flowers to shoot with my macro:)

Daisy Series2

Downtime at work and

Daisy Series1

Downtime at work....


They looked like blueberries but were growing off trees and not a bush...

DSC 6971

I really am amazed with this lens. This is the first time I shot at F51 with a 10 second flash and only the fluorescent lights at work. I took a small pen light flashlight and painted the petals slightly during the 10 second exp.
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