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12 Aug 2020 36 37 167
Decided to take a short cut through an alleyway on my walk yesterday, amongst the dog poo,beercans and face masks, saw this flower growing up the fence! HFF Everyone!


19 Aug 2020 35 40 178
It was rather windy but managed to catch it!! HFF Everyone MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS AND COMMENTS THEY ARE APPRECIATED PS friday 21/8/20 It has now gone as it is very windy today and it is laying in the owners garden.

Mays hall

26 Aug 2020 35 34 126
This is Mays hall Ramsgate, I believe it was once a Church, but even the local history club could not tell me! There is a religous message in the notice board. HFF ! ! Everyone

Just lolliping around!

02 Sep 2020 54 50 231
Saw this cat on a gate post enjoying the sun in the house opposite, taken through the window the PiP gives an idea of distance and I had to crop that because of car number plates etc. HFF Everyone! My Thanks to all who visit and comment it is appreciated

A fine Ramsgate House

10 Sep 2020 26 28 110
On a grey day, this fine old house with fenced verandah HFF Everyone!!

Southwood Water Tower

15 Sep 2020 42 44 152
The precise extent of the once wooded area from which Southwood in the town of Ramsgate takes its name is uncertain. Today, Southwood has much clearer definition in the local inhabitant's mental map as a predominantly residential area and as the home ground of Ramsgate football. It equates with the area of the former Southwood Farm and of Southwood House. Southwood's large, Victorian water tower is also one of Ramsgate's distinctive and prominent landmarks. The Southwood neighbourhood occupies an area of about half a square kilometre, and consists of predominantly late nineteenth and early twentieth century houses. It sits on elevated ground one kilometre to the west of Ramsgate town centre and behind the more prestigious houses, cliff-top promenades, and greens of the West Cliff area. The Tower was built in 1887 and was made a grade II listed building in 1988, now converted into flats. Apparently my house was lot 3 when the farm was sold and was used as a brickfield until the row of houses were built in 1902. A brickfield is a common location name in southeast England. Its name derives from a field where the topsoil was removed and the clay beneath was stripped, and mixed with chalk and ash to create bricks, we now have topsoil and chalk so I suppose all the clay was used up! I can see this building from anywhere in the front of the house. I went to take a pic of the front of the building but it is packed with cars! The pov makes it look as if it is leaning but it isn't, I think it is called perspective convergence!! HFF Everyone!! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

Southwood football ground

18 Sep 2020 26 40 135
Ramsgate Football Club is part of the South East Division of the Isthmian League. Based in the most eastern corner of Kent, the club is based at the Southwood Stadium. Founded in 1886, the club have had lots of ups and downs. Ramsgate were forced to fold in 1924 but re-formed to make a dramatic come-back in 1945. The club is known as The Rams. The most important match is when they play Margate (4 miles away) it is known as the Thanet Derby! This picture was taken with the camera placed on top of the gate! With a hope that I would get the pitch! In the PiP is the club badge HFF everyone! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

You have been spotted!!

01 Oct 2020 48 47 176
This cat was creeping up on the gull and they both heard my steps, just had time to snap this before the cat ran off and the gull flew away, I think the cat would have lost! HFF Everyone

kingsdown PiP

11 Aug 2017 28 37 146
An archive picture of mine the Graveyard of St John the Evangelist Church Kingsdown, Deal, Kent Kingsdown is a village immediately to the south of Walmer, itself south of Deal, on the English Channel coast of Kent. Parts of the village are built on or behind the shingle beach that runs north to Deal and beyond, while other parts are on the cliffs and hills inland. The parish of St John the Evangelist was carved out of the original parish of Ringwould. The village had begun to grow and a local gentleman, William Curling and his wife agreed to pay for a Church, which was finished in 1853 on a splendid site, a hill overlooking the sea, The picture of the Church can be seen in the PiP best viewed Large. HFF! Everyone! MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS AND COMMENTS/FAVES IT IS APPRECIATED

It's lunchtime!

09 Oct 2020 50 44 211
saw this grey Squirrel dashing along the top of a fence with his lunchtime treat! 2 seconds later he was gone up the tree! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED.

Horses at Preston Kent.

09 Jun 2019 34 35 144
I had to dig in the archives again, June 2019 was a bit wet as can be seen by the sky! (June 2020 we were in lockdown! And it was sunny!) The horses weren't bothered by the oncoming rain though! Best full screen. HFF Everybody! MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS,COMMENTS AND FAVES IT IS APPRECIATED.

Margate Harbour Arm

09 Sep 2016 48 49 239
Another archive picture, taken when I was testing my "new camera" The harbour arm was completed in 1815 the previous one being destroyed during a storm on the night of 14th January 1808. The lighthouse was added in 1829, but was destroyed in another January storm in 1953; this was replaced soon after with a similar but smaller structure. Many steamers operated out of Margate on cross channel routes and also to Clacton. I saw this view everyday when I lived in a flat opposite! Just visible at the end of the harbour arm is Margates bronze "Shell Lady" which is a tribute to Mrs Booth who becane J.M.W. Turners lover and they eventually lived together, The Turner Contempory gallery is now built where her house used to be. HFF!! everyone Keep safe and healthy. My Thanks for all visits and comments

Ellington Park Ramsgate

04 Nov 2020 40 48 154
An autumnal view of Ellington Park Ramsgate, My favourite view of the park is behind me but they are renovating the Victorian Bandstand, which I will take a picture of when it is done. Sun is shining we must be in lockdown again!! HFF everybody!! MY THANKS FOR ALL YOUR KIND COMMENTS AND FAVES I DO APPRECIATE THEM.

Ellington Park Ramsgate again!

04 Nov 2020 32 39 125
Spoiled somewhat by the re-building of the old victorian bandstand, There is a fence on the left around the bowling green as well! HFF Everybody!! Hope you all stay safe and healthy!

The North Sea

22 Mar 2020 36 44 165
Taken the day before the first lockdown it looks like people had got the idea, It changed later on and this place was packed despite lockdown. The seat that you see are scattered all around the Thanet Coast and I think are unique to the area. Looking across Pegwell Bay to Deal as usual shrouded in haze! HFF! everyone!! Thanks for visits and comments.

St Laurence-in-Thanet Church

01 Dec 2020 24 28 91
Like most of the medieval churches in Thanet, St Laurence was founded as a chapel of ease to Minster Abbey. The church was probably founded shortly before the Norman Conquest, around 1062, making it the oldest building in Thanet apart from the Abbey itself. The earliest parts of the church are built of Caen stone, favoured by Norman masons. Late additions are in local flint. The original church was quite simple, consisting of just a nave and tower, but this expanded in the 12th and 13th centuries to include a chancel and side aisles. In 1439 the tower was struck by lightning and had to be rebuilt. Curiously, the townsfolk raised the tower, making it even more likely to be hit by lightning, but thankfully nothing so unsettling occurred! Queen Victoria worshipped at this Church when on holiday in Ramsgate. It stands in St Lawrence High St (notice the spelling difference, an error centuries ago that has been retained) It is now one of the busiest corners in Thanet! The Supermarket is a 21st century building and the pub is 18th century but the exact date is unknown BEST VIEWED LARGE PLEASE! HFF EVERYONE! THANKS FOR ALL VISITS AND COMMENTS IT IS APPRECIATED

Minnis Bay

12 Jan 2020 44 30 299
Birchington, isle of Thanet, Kent, I remember this bay when there were no flats on the front. what a place to live, the views must be wonderful, at least the front view won't get spoiled by buildings! The tide is an ebb tide and it mixes up sand with it, so the sea looks dirty! Best Viewed Large Please! Oldish pic just changed the post date to get it at the front of my photo's! HFF! Keep well and have a great weekend. MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT I DO APPRECIATE IT.

Part of Dumpton Gap. Broadstairs

19 Jan 2020 35 28 255
Formerly called 'Dodemayton' this gap in the cliffs was used by farmers to gather seaweed as manure for their fields ( I remember the smell on the land!) With the advent of the telephone it was decided to lay continental submarine cable from this point across the channel. The cable ship Fencible was responsible for laying a submarine cable across the channel to Ostend. Happy New Year and HFF to everyone Old photo just upload date changed MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT & COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

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