The Kent Countryside HFF!


Waiting for spring!

21 Feb 2020 30 38 145
Not an awe inspiring fence but it is outside a block of flats, next to the co-op I was going to get milk, but it was all sold out. Some greedy shoppers have gone Mad! The pic was taken a month ago but it was yesterday I went for milk. Thanks for visits and comments

Ramsgate port access Road.

22 Mar 2020 29 39 174
The sea is flowing into Pegwell Bay the sight of the first international Hoverport in the world (now closed) The tunnel is the Ramsgate port access road which stops the large car transporters from going through the town centre. As we are in lockdown I can just about justify this walk as excercise, so I quess you will see many more pics of this type! HFF!! To everyone and stay healthy. Thanks for all visits and comments it is appreciated

Another concrete groyne HFF!

22 Mar 2020 35 36 138
A Groyne (in the U.S. groin) is a rigid hydraulic structure built from an ocean shore (in coastal engineering) or from a bank (in rivers) that interrupts water flow and limits the movement of sediment. It is usually made out of wood, concrete or stone. In the ocean, groynes create beaches or prevent them being washed away by long shore drift. Ocean groynes run generally perpendicular to the shore, extending from the upper foreshore or beach into the water. All of a groyne may be under water, in which case it is a submerged groyne. The areas between groups of groynes are groyne fields. Groynes are generally placed in groups. They are often used in tandem with seawalls. Groynes, however, may cause a shoreline to be perceived as unnatural. The term is derived from the Old French groign, from Late Latin grunium, "snout". This one is going out from the artificial beach western undercliff Ramsgate. HFF and stay safe everyone! MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS AND COMMENTS

Lockdown HFF!

09 Apr 2020 41 42 156
Some unusual houses just around the corner, sorry about the cars but people are not using them for work! and it looked odd when I cut them off Stay safe & healthy HFF Everyone!! MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS AND COMMENTS IT IS APPRECIATED


03 Apr 2020 33 35 118
Another unusual Ramsgate building there used to be a bungalow here now it is this unique block of flats/houses. And there is a fence under that hedge!! HFF Everyone! Best viewed large please!!! Please all stay fit and healthy in these difficult times.

Ramsgate Cliff Lift (2)

19 Apr 2020 20 29 106
West Cliff lift was constructed from concrete around 1926 in Art Deco style. It was one of 3 lifts in this seaside town built to take tourists to the top of the cliffs and carried 20 passengers. it was designed by Basil Charlton Deacon and was opened in 1929. It was constructed by local builder W.W Martin The lift was decommissioned in 1993. Unfortunately there appears to be no plans to re-open it, it still remains an impressive structure of the period and is certainly worth a visit when in the area. Colourful artwork and new Perspex panels have been used to give the West Cliff’s art deco lift a facelift. Volunteers from the Western Undercliff Regeneration Group have spent around three months working with artists Lee Nicholls and Robert Onion to spruce up the lift. A different angle to the last one shows the fences better! HFF Everybody My Thanks to all visitors, please stay safe and healthy!

Various groynes

19 Apr 2020 24 28 116
The beach at the Western undercliff at Ramsgate, Kent, To the far left can be seen the much under used Port of Ramsgate although there are a few cars there waiting to be taken to dealers. I guess they will be staying a while. HFF Everyone Stay safe and healthy! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

St Laurence-in-Thanet Church

26 Apr 2020 27 30 142
Seen from the Churchyard The church was probably founded shortly before the Norman Conquest, around 1062, making it one of the oldest buildings in Thanet A little about the Churchyard. The churchyard which surrounds the building extends to three and a half acres and contains over 1400 graves dating back as far as 1656. Among the most important memorials in the churchyard is the grave of Sir William Garrow (1760 - 1840), a prominent lawyer, barrister and politician, whose life was the subject of the BBC TV series 'Garrow's Law'. Garrow was responsible for the essential legal premise that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. Also in the churchyard is a memorial to John Collis Browne (1819-1884). Browne was a physician who invented chlorodyne as a treatment for cholera. His 'miracle' cure was so popular it began to be used for everything from colds to whooping cough, neuralgia to rheumatism. One of the most interesting memorials is the D'Este Mausoleum, built by Augustus Frederick Murray for his mother, Lady Augusta Murray. Lady Augusta married the sixth son of George III in 1793. Her husband was named Duke of Sussex and was a favourite uncle of Queen Victoria. Within the mausoleum are Lady Augusta, her parents (the Earl and Countess of Dunmore), her son, her daughter and son-in-law (Baron Truro). Several local roads are named for the family, including D'Este Road, and, Augusta Steps. Because they are allowing it now to grow encouraging a more natural environment some of these memorials are hidden as can be clearly seen (or not) in this picture.!! HFF Everyone MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT, STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY!

Ellington Park Ramsgate

22 Apr 2020 28 31 132
Ellington Park Ramsgate The tree in front is a whitebeam (see PiP) HFF!! Everyone (spot the seagull) STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY THANKS FOR VISITING

My Local

19 May 2020 28 31 139
This pub is just around the corner from me, an establishment I have been known to use, but there are 3 others in walking distance from home, I wonder how many will survive the lockdown? HFF Everyone! STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY THANKS FOR VISITS AMD COMMENTS!


27 Jun 2014 49 45 241
I am having to dig in the archives this week, this one taken from the pier at Eastbourne back in 2014 HFF Everyone Stay safe & healthy! MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS AND COMMENTS IT IS APPRECIATED

Looking out to Sea

31 May 2020 41 41 202
On my walk I saw this Rose growing through the fence and over the westcliff promenade in Ramsgate, Kent,UK, I think it is the wild version of Rosa chinensis or Chinese Rose, but I am sure someone will correct me! HFF!! Everyone have a healthy safe, enjoyable weekend. MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT, COMMENT AND FAVE AS IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED.

The Sailors Church, Ramsgate.

31 May 2020 34 38 170
The Sailors’ Church and Harbour Mission, close by the foot of Jacob’s ladder was built in 1878 by Canon Eustace Brenan, vicar of the nearby Christ Church. He saw the need for spiritual guidance and physical help for the men and boys who made up the crews of the sailing smacks who fished out of Ramsgate in the nineteenth century. It was dangerous, arduous work, especially for the young apprentices who were called Smack Boys. When the apprentices were ashore, they were provided with some comfort in the rooms above the church and later, in the Smack Boys Home next door. The use of the home slowly changed to receiving sailors that had been rescued, mostly from wrecks on the Goodwin Sands. Later some 3,300 survivors of the First World War are known to have been fed, clothed, sheltered and medically treated there. Today the church offers the visitor a quiet place for rest, reflection, and prayer. HFF Everyone have a safe weekend MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

Ellington Park (the play area)

18 Jun 2020 24 33 108
When I took this picture it was closed due to covid 19, I think from July 4th it can be opened again although I can't see the Children managaging to stick to 1 metre + social distancing ( whatever that means in reality) HFF Everyone!! (best viewed full screen please) MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED


02 Jul 2020 28 30 141
The lady next door (but one) has been decorating her back fence, I had to crop it because of next door garden getting in the way! Not my best but the only fence spotted this week HFF Everyone! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT IT IS APPRECIATED.

Swiss cottage Ramsgate

29 May 2020 38 34 158
Tried for ages to get a decent pic of this little cottage round the corner from me but there is usually 3 cars on the narrow driveway I thought this one was just about acceptable. Can't find much history on it except it is dated 1866. Not been out much this week. HFF!! Everyone!! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT IT IS APPRECIATED

Morning Glory

24 Sep 2009 27 28 119
This flower is I think Heavenly blue morning glory, taken many years ago at Belmont House in kent. HFF Everyone!!! Best viewed large please MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS AND COMMENTS I DO APPRECIATE IT.

Nethercourt Park

02 Aug 2020 34 34 133
A view of the upper lodge in Nethercourt Park Ramsgate, HFF to you all with special thoughts for some of you that are back in lockdown. MY THANKS FOR ALL FAVES AND COMMENTS, I APPRECIATE EVERY VISIT.

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