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Joss Bay Broadstairs

17 Feb 2019 9 16 179
I am not brilliant at landscapes but here is one and I will try and explain it, the picture was taken by the North Foreland Lighthouse, immediately in front is a field of vegetables and Thanet was known as the “cabbage patch prairie” because a lot of vegetables were grown here mainly potatoes and cauliflowers but now a lot of those fields have been built on. To the right can be seen the Joss bay car park which used to be free but is now pay & display so people park on the road alongside the golf course. Along the road by the car park can be seen the cliff top fence! North foreland golf club which was established in 1903 so it has always been there as far as I am concerned! In the distance can be seen a tower and that is part of Kingsgate Castle, formerly Holland house and now made into flats, just right of the cliff top houses there are some ships at anchor probably awaiting a pilot to get them into The Port of London or the Medway ports. There is a couple playing golf on the course. The tide is out and if you enlarge the picture you can see Thanet's answer to cliff erosion, Concrete!! they have been there all the years I have lived here, 70plus and it works!! No research resources were used in writing this it came from my brain! Best viewed Large (key Z) I have not posted this twice as the first one does not show the cliff so well. My thanks to all who visit and comment it is appreciated.

Fields outside Worth,Kent

05 Aug 2018 19 25 144
Well kept fields just outside Worth Kent HFF Everyone! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

St Mildred's Bay

05 Mar 2017 20 25 232
St Mildreds Bay, Westgate-on-sea, Thanet Kent, Sun behind and those are rain clouds in front, Just made the car, I guess those people on the beach got wet! And I would not have thought that castle would have lasted long! Looks better Large! Even better full screen! I did think the sky was an odd colour but it might have something to do with the sun behind me. any ideas would be appreciated. HFF Everyone!! MY THANKS FOR VISITS AND COMMENTS IT IS APPRECIATED

Stodmarsh HFF!

15 Sep 2019 13 24 147
Stodmarsh in Kent was once called Studmarsh because the Monks that owned the land used to breed horses here. This bit of the road crosses the Lampen stream which is a tiny tributary of the River Stour, Still the fence stops you from getting feet or tyres wet! HFF! Everyone MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT IT IS APPRECIATED

St Peters Church Bekesbourne HFF!

31 Mar 2019 25 30 281
The Parish is mentioned in the Domesday Book, 1086, with the name Burnes, after the river. It then became known as Livingsbourne after Levine the Anglo-Saxon lord of the manor. The village became known as Bekesbourne only in the 13th century when the manor came into the hands of the Beke family. The church sits on a hill and is approached through private land on public footpaths and a gravelled track. It is sometimes known as the Church in the Garden. The present Church, dedicated to St Peter, dates from the 12th century with later additions. It retains its Norman north doorway and two chancel windows and has an unusual pair of 13th century lancets in the east wall. The tower was in ruins early in the 19th century, being rebuilt in 1841. The whole church was completely restored in the 1880s. The tower was then raised by two feet to contain a ring of 6 bells. The Church was locked when I went. An apology for the archive fence but the weather has been terrible! HFF! Everyone! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT I DO APPRECIATE IT.

Just horsing around!!

24 Mar 2019 34 42 273
Seen just outside Chislet Kent HFF!! and a good weekend everyone!!! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

Natwest Ramsgate.

30 Oct 2019 25 29 203
The NatWest Bank and associated office chambers, erected in 1910-1911 to the designs of Reeve and Reeve of Margate, is listed at Grade II. A central Coat of Arms with portcullis and rosette enclosed with carved fruit with scroll decoration in high relief is over the door and is I understand purely decorative. The more modern facia can be seen just above the door. I have had to crop out people and traffic. One more interesting fact Hardres St is the only street with that name in the country! HFF Everyone! Thanks to all who visit it is appreciated

The Butts, Sandwich

10 Nov 2019 20 28 176
A wide path runs along the top of the steep, grassy ramparts that once formed the medieval defences of Sandwich. The Butts formed the western stretch of the old town defences for Sandwich, first built in 1384. It was used in medieval times as an archery practice field. Because of the town's history of violent raids, every man over 12 years of age would be expected to practice after attending church. It is believed that Henry V's archers practised here before sailing for France on their way to the Battle of Agincourt. The water here is the town ditch or moat which formed part of the defences. The moat is connected via sluices to the Delf Stream which runs behind the houses that overlook the moat. This was greatly improved by Dutch water engineers in the later 15th century. They built many sluices so that all the fields could be irrigated. Their network of artificial streams formed the water supply and sewers for the whole of Sandwich until the late 19th century. The Butts is now used as a cricket pitch in the summer, the pavilion is to my left, and it looks like there is work going on. HFF Everyone! (A bit early as I am away Friday) I will comment on Saturday. MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

A country road

07 May 2017 23 23 193
Taken just outside Bridge, nr Canterbury, Kent HFF! Everyone!!! Many thanks for all your kind comments and faves I do appreciate it.

St Mary the Virgin Church Chislet, Kent

24 Mar 2019 19 28 194
Rural church with Norman nave and tower and later 13 century chancel and aisles, it was restored in 1866 and saved from closure at the end of the 20th Century by taking out the pews and creating space for a village hall. The village has a coal mining history. (no coal dust on the washing!!) The Anglo-Westphalian Coal Syndicates Ltd was set up in 1911 to lease land near Chislet, and after various setbacks they finally moved approximately two miles south to take advantage of the A28 road on one side and the railway line on the other. HFF Everyone! Thanks for all visits, comments and faves it is appreciated

White Horse of Kent!

26 Jun 2016 24 26 191
Must be grass break time! HFF Everybody! My thanks to all who comment and fave it is appreciated

Ramsgate Harbour

18 Dec 2019 40 37 302
All dressed up for the season! HFF!! and Health & Happiness to you all. MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

A view from the Great Tower, Dover Castle.

24 Aug 2017 26 28 103
HFF! everyone! Viewed large In the far distance (to the left of the antenna) can be seen the top of the South Foreland lighthouse, a little about the lighthouse South Foreland Lighthouse is a Victorian lighthouse on the South Foreland in St. Margaret's Bay, Dover, Kent, England, used to warn ships approaching the nearby Goodwin Sands. It went out of service in 1988 and is currently owned by the National Trust. Another lighthouse had previously stood on the site since at least 1730 and during most of this time it was manned by the Knott family of lighthouse keepers. South Foreland was the first lighthouse to use an electric light. This was in 1859. By 1875 the lighthouse was using carbon arc lamps powered by a steam-driven magneto. It was used by Guglielmo Marconi during his work on radio waves, receiving the first ship-to-shore message from the East Goodwin lightship. The system was used over the following winter to avert several shipwrecks. In 1899, the first international transmission was made between the lighthouse and Wimereux in France. MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

Another grey January afternoon.

05 Jan 2020 38 40 258
taken at Botany Bay Broadstairs, some hips either sheltering from a coming storm or awaiting a pilot to take them to to the Medway or the Thames. HFF! and a good weekend everyone!! Thanks to all who visit, comment & fave I do appreciate it.

A concrete groyne

12 Jan 2020 27 28 199
The tide is ebbing and not quite reaching the groyne, it is wet so it is not long since it was covered. HFF Everyone! MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS, COMMENTS AND FAVES, I DO APPRECIATE THEM.


19 Jan 2020 30 33 236
Looking from Dumpton Gap, into Viking Bay Broadstairs. Bleak House can be seen on the clifftop, so called because Charles Dickens did some writing there whilst on holiday , he often stayed in Broadstairs, also can be seen the Broadstairs Jetty. Best viewed large or full screen HFF Everyone!! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED.

The Claremont Hotel Eastbourne

27 Jun 2014 23 38 180
The hotel was built between 1851 and 1855, after some delay in financing after the builders went bankrupt. The hotel was originally named after the 2nd Earl of Burlington, William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire. The hotel became a listed building in 1949. The Claremont was acquired in the mid-2010s by Daish's Holidays. At 08:50 GMT on 22 November 2019, a fire broke out in the basement of the hotel and resulted in around 60 fire fighters and 12 fire engines being sent to the hotel to extinguish the flames. The hotel was successfully evacuated with seven people injured, one being hospitalised; the nearby Pier Hotel was also evacuated. Fire continued to burn until the gas supply was successfully cut off on the evening of 24 November. The hotel was gutted, and the Burlington Hotel also remained closed afterwards. Hopes of preserving parts of the hotel were abandoned when the remaining facade started to collapse during Storm Ciara in February 2020. The remainder of the hotel was subsequently demolished. HFF Everyone! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

St Laurence-in-Thanet Church

13 Mar 2020 30 33 164
The entrance to the Church on a typical grey March day, with signs of spring. HFF Everyone! A little history for you The churchyard which surrounds the building extends to three and a half acres and contains over 1400 graves dating back as far as 1656. Among the most important memorials in the churchyard is the grave of Sir William Garrow (1760 - 1840), a prominent lawyer, barrister and politician, whose life was the subject of the BBC TV series 'Garrow's Law'. Garrow was responsible for the essential legal premise that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. Also in the churchyard is a memorial to John Collis Browne (1819-1884). Browne was a physician who invented chlorodyne as a treatment for cholera. His 'miracle' cure was so popular it began to be used for everything from colds to whooping cough, neuralgia to rheumatism. One of the most interesting memorials is the D'Este Mausoleum, built by Augustus Frederick Murray for his mother, Lady Augusta Murray. Lady Augusta married the sixth son of George III in 1793. Her husband was named Duke of Sussex and was a favourite uncle of Queen Victoria. Within the mausoleum are Lady Augusta, her parents (the Earl and Countess of Dunmore), her son, her daughter and son-in-law (Baron Truro). Several local roads are named for the family, including D'Este Road, and, Augusta Steps. Because they are allowing it now to grow encouraging a more natural environment some of these memorials are hidden MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

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