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Autumn Rose

23 Sep 2020 9 7 20
Saw this rose whilst on my walk this morning between the showers! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT

Southwood Water Tower

15 Sep 2020 36 43 96
The precise extent of the once wooded area from which Southwood in the town of Ramsgate takes its name is uncertain. Today, Southwood has much clearer definition in the local inhabitant's mental map as a predominantly residential area and as the home ground of Ramsgate football. It equates with the area of the former Southwood Farm and of Southwood House. Southwood's large, Victorian water tower is also one of Ramsgate's distinctive and prominent landmarks. The Southwood neighbourhood occupies an area of about half a square kilometre, and consists of predominantly late nineteenth and early twentieth century houses. It sits on elevated ground one kilometre to the west of Ramsgate town centre and behind the more prestigious houses, cliff-top promenades, and greens of the West Cliff area. The Tower was built in 1887 and was made a grade II listed building in 1988, now converted into flats. Apparently my house was lot 3 when the farm was sold and was used as a brickfield until the row of houses were built in 1902. A brickfield is a common location name in southeast England. Its name derives from a field where the topsoil was removed and the clay beneath was stripped, and mixed with chalk and ash to create bricks, we now have topsoil and chalk so I suppose all the clay was used up! I can see this building from anywhere in the front of the house. I went to take a pic of the front of the building but it is packed with cars! The pov makes it look as if it is leaning but it isn't, I think it is called perspective convergence!! HFF Everyone!! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

Japanese Anemone

10 Sep 2020 22 15 58
This delicate-looking perennial is a reliable late-summer to mid-Autumn bloomer, producing masses of dainty white to pink to rose blooms rising above attractively lobed medium green foliage. Flowers may be single, double, or semi-double. The term Japanese anemone is misleading, it is actually a native of Hupeh province in eastern China, but it was grown in Japanese gardens for centuries, hence the confusion. Robert Fortune (1812-1880) introduced it into Europe in 1844, having apparently discovered it running between the tombstones in a Shanghai graveyard. This one was spotted growing in a garden in Ramsgate, Kent MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

A fine Ramsgate House

10 Sep 2020 24 28 69
On a grey day, this fine old house with fenced verandah HFF Everyone!!

Tyrannosaurus Rust!

10 Sep 2020 15 11 49
Seen in a front garden around the corner from me, looks like he has some food in his mouth! Best viewed large please. MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

Just lolliping around!

02 Sep 2020 51 49 179
Saw this cat on a gate post enjoying the sun in the house opposite, taken through the window the PiP gives an idea of distance and I had to crop that because of car number plates etc. HFF Everyone! My Thanks to all who visit and comment it is appreciated

Mays hall

26 Aug 2020 34 36 101
This is Mays hall Ramsgate, I believe it was once a Church, but even the local history club could not tell me! There is a religous message in the notice board. HFF ! ! Everyone

Sunflower again!

20 Aug 2020 30 21 96
the previous sunflower was blown down but I spotted this one in another garden. My thanks for all visits it is appreciated


19 Aug 2020 33 39 131
It was rather windy but managed to catch it!! HFF Everyone MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS AND COMMENTS THEY ARE APPRECIATED PS friday 21/8/20 It has now gone as it is very windy today and it is laying in the owners garden.


12 Aug 2020 36 37 135
Decided to take a short cut through an alleyway on my walk yesterday, amongst the dog poo,beercans and face masks, saw this flower growing up the fence! HFF Everyone!

Nethercourt Park

02 Aug 2020 34 35 114
A view of the upper lodge in Nethercourt Park Ramsgate, HFF to you all with special thoughts for some of you that are back in lockdown. MY THANKS FOR ALL FAVES AND COMMENTS, I APPRECIATE EVERY VISIT.

Red Rose

02 Aug 2020 19 15 103

Upper lodge (PiP)

02 Aug 2020 19 11 79
This grade 2 listed cottage is at the gate to Nethercourt park Ramsgate, there used to a large house in what is now the park but that was demolished in the 1950's. Shame about the sign! My Mate Ruth kindly removed the post for me and it is in the PiP! Thanks Ruth!! BEST VIEWED LARGE PLEASE! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT

Clematis & Fence

30 Jul 2020 31 32 114
HFF ! everyone and a safe and healthy weekend to you all! Best viewed full screen please. MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT AND COMMENT IT IS APPRECIATED

Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters (2)

24 Jun 2014 38 31 108
An archive picture of mine 2014) The cliffs are in the care of the National Trust, but are eroding fast, hence the whiteness, I suspect it would look different today MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS IT IS APPRECIATED

Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters

24 Jun 2014 36 42 99
A picture from archives (2014) The cliff here is subject to erosion and I would be surprised If the houses are still there. (best viewed large please) The cliffs are owned and managed by the National Trust. HFF everyone Have a safe and healthy weekend! MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT, COMMENT AND FAVE IT IS APPRECIATED.

Morning Glory

24 Sep 2009 27 28 108
This flower is I think Heavenly blue morning glory, taken many years ago at Belmont House in kent. HFF Everyone!!! Best viewed large please MY THANKS FOR ALL VISITS AND COMMENTS I DO APPRECIATE IT.

Ivy leaf

29 May 2020 15 13 77
Growing up a wall across the alleyway at the bottom of my garden, Ramsgate, Kent. MY THANKS TO ALL WHO VISIT IT IS APPRECIATED

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