Snow Leopard at Jurques Zoo - September 2011

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Beach Donkeys at Whitby, North Yorkshire

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Grey squirrel in Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

At Tatton Park.

Clydesdale Horse

Rare breed horse in the Farm at Tatton Park. The Clydescale is a 'heavy horse' originating in Scotland.

Gannet Fly Past - 2010

This gannet accompanied us part of the way across the water between Normandy and England, at the end of our holiday. Adieu, doux oiseau!

Farming in Landelles - September 2011

Landelles-et-Coupigny in the Normandy Bocage, September 2011.

Charolais Cows at Lac de la Dathée, France

Charolais cows grazing in a field near Lac de la Dathée, Normandie, France. Early evening light (6pm BST) September 2011.

Eastern Bearded Dragon at Jurques Zoo - September 2011

Eastern bearded dragon - pogona barbata - at Zoo de Jurques, Normandie, France.

Prairie Dog - Chien de Prairie - Jurques Zoo - September 2011

Chien de Prairie (prairie dog) at Zoo de Juques, Normandie, France.
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