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Dukes Creek Falls 4, Northern Georgia

Dukes Creek Falls 4, Northern Georgia
This image and storyline are from about 5 years ago. The image is a rework and post.

Not being one to pace my physical activities, given the fact of my new knee and all it's complications, hiking to this waterfall cost me in not being able to get the sunset image that I failed to obtain last year due to a blown out knee almost at the summit of Brasstown Bald MT..

My plans were to go up to that damn mountain top and get that sunset a year to the date of my little mishap. I had left the parking lot at the trailhead early enough to try to make it to this waterfall. When I read the description of the trail marker it indicated a 1.1 mile hike…didn't mention the up and down part. I thought that if I had any trouble hikiing this trail, I would just turn around and head back to my car.

Brasstown Bald Mtn. was another 45 minutes down the road and if I got there in time to ride the tram to the top I still would be in good shape (figuratively speaking that is) to do the sunset, otherwise it would take me about 35 minutes to hike up to the top, which I didn't think I would be capable of after this waterfall hike.

Well, I wasn't prepared for the number of sets of stairs along the path to this waterfall. Some of these stairs were pretty steep,and some had about 17 steps. I plodded along stopping to shoot some stream side detail studies of the winding mountain stream and to rest my back and knee. One thing lead to another and I just flat ran out of time. It was now 4:30 and I figured it would take me at least an hour to get back to the car. It took me much longer that that going uphill with about 30 lbs of camera gear and all those dams steep steps.

By the time I got back to my car I was too wiped out to even consider hiking again up and back to do that sunset.

The next day was heavy overcast, followed by heavy rain the following day (Dick's Creek images), I just ran out of time on this trip to next year maybe.

BTW, for those of you that don't know me, a automobile accident 52 years ago broke 23 bones in my leg and lower back. After a couple of surgeries I now have 5 lower vertebrates fused together and severe never damage down the back and into my legs and feet. Now with this bionic knee, its a wonder I'm still walking, much less hiking up and down mountain trails. But for those that do know me, i am a stubborn old cuss that just won't give up. Its the tug of wanting to make that best image yet to come.


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Karl Wolfgang
Karl Wolfgang
I can here and feel the falling water. I also understand the trek to find the hidden gems.
4 years ago.
Larry Drummond
Larry Drummond
An idyllic scene indeed !!
4 years ago.