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Myakka River Flood..."How Highs the Water Momma"

Myakka River Flood..."How Highs the Water Momma"
Myakka River State Park is one of my 'Go To' locations for camping in the winter when its cooler and for the wildlife. This park is also great for landscapes.

We have had some very heavy rains for about 3 days in a row last week...some areas getting over 12 inches total. That may not sound like a lot, but the water drainage basin takes in a tremendous area,especially for this park. The water flows into several small feeder creeks and into Myakka Lake and the Myakka River which empties into Charlotte Harbor.

The river is actually on the other side of the 6 cabbage palms clustered together in the left side of the image and the light green grasses. As you see, the river has overflowed it's banks and this little picnic area. The seats of the table are under water and my truck is in about 15 inches of water.

The water levels drops significantly in just one day without rain, so I wanted to get up there for some "Waterscapes". I waded around for about half the day looking over my shoulders for snakes and those sometimes curious alligators that now have a larger playground.

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Larry Drummond has particularly liked this photo

Larry Drummond
Larry Drummond
Great mirror images! Snakes and alligators? You're a braver man than me !!!
4 years ago.
J. Michael Wilhelm, Natures Images
J. Michael Wilhelm,…
Larry, I take to water like a duck...used to canoe and photograph in 4x5 B&W and would be waist deep in the middle of a creek or river. There is a cute story about one of those solo overnight canoe/camping/photographing trips on my web site under adventure stories..."Withlachoochee River Hobo"
4 years ago.
Karl Wolfgang
Karl Wolfgang
Soft yet good contrast for flood. I can see advantage for even doing multiple RAW images then layering.
4 years ago.
Michelle Ress
Michelle Ress
nice photo
22 months ago.