Khenchen Gyaltshen TMC

Tibetan Buddhist

Among JJ Fanagh's albums

  • Achi Dolma - Monastery statue

  • Shrineroom - New Panorama 30 Dec 08

    A small traditional Tibetan Buddhist shrine room in New England... able to hold about 10 students, a teacher and a translator. A bit tight, but cozy. Salmon Falls Sangha - We host visiting Drikung Kagyu and Karma Kagyu teachers,

  • Rinpoche Makes Toast - Colo. 1975

    A backyard informal portrait, which I've improved and updated since a rough version came to me a few years ago. This version now added to the Shambhala archives in Halifax (used with permission). Full sized image available to "Pro" users.

  • Khenpo portrait - 1996

    Renowned practitioner, researcher, translator, publisher, teacher and now Lineage Abbot (Khenchen) Könchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche - teaching for Central Vermont Sangha (The People Barn, Greensboro, Vermont)

  • Khenpo portrait, Vermont - 1996

  • Khenpo records - 1996

    Khenpo Gyalshen Rinpoche and I working on our DõHa! Recordings project - the first CD of which ("Medicine Buddha") is available through Snow Lion in Ithaca, NY. 1460.html

  • Khenchen Gyaltshen TMC

    Photographed in 1996 - MCB

  • Lama Gyursam, Garchen Rinpoche

  • Garchen Rinpoche

    Photographed in 1997 - MCB

  • Drikung - Lineage Refuge Tree

    Large lineage representation (including invisible protectors and enlightened ones) focussed upon Vajradhara... the Primordial Intelligence from which all aspiration to enlightened action and thought (bodhicitta) comes.

  • Drikung Kagyu Lineage (Refuge Tree)

    This version focusses strongly upon the central figure of Lord Jigten Sumgon (c. 1280 CE), founder of the Drikung lineage, student of Phagmodrupa, and composer of numerous sadhanas, commentaries and inspirational poetics.

  • Om - Seed Syllable

    Drawn by Sange Wanchug

  • Ah - Seed Syllable

    Drawn by Sange Wanchug

  • Hum (Hung) - Seed Syllable

    Drawn by Sange Wanchug

  • Tram - Seed Syllable

    Drawn by Sange Wanchug

  • Hrih - Seed Syllable

    Drawn by Sange Wanchug

  • Vajrasattva - short mantra

  • Tam seed syllable

    The core visualisation for the Green Tara mantra - "Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha!"

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