JJ Fanagh

JJ Fanagh

Posted on 08/01/2008

Photo taken on August  1, 2008

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Rockall Doggerland w Flow

Rockall Doggerland w Flow
This reconstruction - representing a portion of the North Atlantic at approximately 20,000 years BP (before present) shows the ice-free island complex created by the above-water Hatton (left-west) and Rockall (right-east) Banks. Approximate glaciated areas are indicated in the heavy dotted line.

This extremely large island (compare to contemporary Ireland... in green) was temperate, surrounded by warm currents (the Eastern North Atlantic Water) and probably covered with arable soil with the exception of extreme highlands.

One such highland - indicated on this reconstruction by a red "+" is Mt. Rockall, now called Rockall Island (or Waveland - by claimant Greenpeace). Waveland stands about 18 metres (60') above the ocean in disputed waters.

For curious and unknown reasons, and without exception, this island is never depicted on reconstructions of the northern hemisphere Ice Age in any textbook or scientific illustration - yet would have provided an excellent stopping point for cross-ocean voyagers. This illustration - copyrighted by myself - conforms to the latest bathymetric measurements.