JJ Fanagh

JJ Fanagh

Posted on 07/29/2008

Photo taken on July 29, 2008

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Bruree lower falls

Bruree lower falls
My "back yard" in Ireland. Very much improved and cleaned out by my landlords Dick and Jessie Griffin. Dick has also diverted and improved the mill race by installing his own turbines, to become one of the few private "off the grid' hydro installations in Ireland so far.

Wow, a magically beautiful "back yard" :o)
11 years ago.
 JJ Fanagh
JJ Fanagh
Thanks Pixie. It is a bit magical, yes. Sometimes wish I could be there year-round... but as you see, Vermont has its charms as well.
11 years ago.
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If you use the "reply" link under my comment, it will be marked specially as such under my activity list ;o)
11 years ago.
JJ Fanagh has replied to Pixie
Experimenting #2 - going well here. And I can add, Pixie, that waterfalls *are* one of my obsessions... at least the smaller, more intimate ones. The thundering huge ones like Goðafoss are quite fine and totally beautiful, but don't fascinate me quite the same way. I recall one extraordinary one in the west Andes foothills... not our destination (our group was visiting an orchid conservatory in the cloud forest with a Quechua botanist).

He, the botanist, grew up in that remote valley and quizzed us without warning, shifting abruptly from the topic at hand - did we want to "visit the waterfall." He was concerned that it might be impossible, as we had two people in their early 70's with us, and the waterfall was about 2 kilometres and a steep climb away - and we were already at almost 4000 metres elevation. We all chose to go up further.

It was not only amazing, it was as if we had been brought to life herself. One other person, like myself, just walked into the falling water without even thinking - a half mist of tumbling effervescence falling from almost 60 metres above us. There were 11 of us, and most turned down back the trail immediately. But when only the 4 who stayed behind were left with our Quechua guide, he quietly explained that the waterfall had been used for several thousand years for purification by the Incan priests - before conducting the seasonal rituals down on the coast.

That same waterfall (he said) was to be similarly so used a few days hence... when all the indigenous shamans and medicine-men and medicine-women were to come there secretly from Quito, leaving the annual public meeting of their group where they represented almost all the cultures of South and Central America. I've since met one of the others who entered that waterfall (in Venezuela) without speaking with her about it. Knowing that I've been in the same waterfall is a sort of connection that will hopefully guide me (in some unknown way) in the future.

There is a big web around the world, is it not? And I'm not referring to the Internet. 8-}
11 years ago.

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