Bolivia - Nevado Sajama volcano

Bolivia - Laguna Cañapa

Bolivia - Lago Titicaca - Isla del Sol

This is the biggest island of the Lago Titicaca. According to the Inca, this sacred island is the place of birth of the sun.

Bolivia - Sol de la Mañana geysers

This geothermal field is at the altitude of 4850 m, but unlike El Tatio (which are the Chilian geyers created by the same volcano) here the geysers are made of mud and sulfur.

Bolivia - Laguna Colorada

Bolivia - Árbol de Piedra

Located in the Siloli desert at 4600 m height, this strange rock is a block of lava eroded by the wind.

Bolivia - Nevado Sajama volcano

Bolivia - Laguna Hedionda

The 4200m high laguna is named like this because of the strong smell of sulfur of its water (hedionda means stinky in spanish).

Bolivia - Laguna Honda