• Bloomsbury Place WC1

  • 52-58 High St, Bloomsbury

  • St George Bloomsbury parish boundary marker

    Marchmont St Directly underneath these May 2011 Update: since refixed as pavement has been relaid.

  • St George's Bloomsbury, Parish Boundary marker

    Great Russell St

  • Bloomsbury Square WC1

    The numbering on this sign doesn't seem to make much sense to me!

  • Bloomsbury St/Bedford Sq

  • Bloomsbury Ambulance Station, Herbrand St

  • Blue door, Bloomsbury Ambulance Station, Herbrand St

    with matching letter box. Where?

  • Church of Christ the King, Gordon Square, Bloomsbury

    Orignially posted in Guess Where London and guessed in one by estherase!

  • Gated stairs

    UCL, Gordon St

  • Lines and curves

    Outside Christ the King, Gordon Square

  • Entrance

    Friends House, Euston Rd

  • Corner

    Christ the King, Gordon Square

  • Spikes and stairs

    Torrington Square

  • Gate and stairs

    Torrington Square

  • Lines and squares

    Torrington Square

  • Web

    College Hall, Malet St

  • Parish Boundary Markers, Bedford Square

    For enlightenment, read comments below.

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