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  • butterflies downtown dallas

    sort of a christmas display in dallas texas downtown

  • a park in the city

    a city park in down town dallas

  • my space blue chevy s10

    i worked at a window unit repair shop and a roofing company in this truck and 3 days a week at 4 in the morning i drove someone to kidney dialysis until they got a kidney transplant

  • bike bridge into the woodlands

    found another wonderful secret bike path along a creek and such a pleasant ride it was

  • memorial day jeep

    went to put a flag on someones grave for memorial day saw this jeep and wound up with a memorial day gallery on top of that too

  • guess what happens next

    a ram and pony

  • cycling a beautiful country road

    went on a bike ride far from it all and i brought back this picture of a beautiful country road in bloom

  • wildflower hill

    went to wild flower hill on a bike ride theres the up side i went down the down side without taking pictures

  • indain pinwheel flower

    a tiny single indian pinwheel flower thats creative commons for all those artists out there

  • a big red rose

    the big red rose in our garden

  • a meal fit for online gaming

    this meal started out with some sausages over here on the stove some nourishment for a game

  • big tin bird

    this big tin bird says cock a doodle do for you when you enter the secret stone garden

  • up up and away

    a bird in flight captured today along with this bird in flight

  • gnarly tree in the woods

    i am not sure what kind of tree this gnarly tree is i found another even gnarlyer tree of the seemingly same kind of wood

  • my bike in the woods

    a picture of my bike in the woods standing against a tree with a very strange tree branch that almost looks spooky

  • Railcar switching locomotives

    2 shiny locos in a switch yard parked for the moment all part of my rail fanning album

  • joggers on the lake

    got some pics of the lake bike trail lots of joggers out there i even got another one over here too

  • bicycling jogging lake

    people are always staying or getting fit out at the lake some jog and i prefer the cycling at the lake

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