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Lift off

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Emerald damselfly

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It must be love...love.......love

Bee heaven

I love inulas........and so do butterflies !

I've hardly seen any butterflies this year but my inulas have begun to come out and right away, there was a butterfly. First time I've seen a meadow brown in my garden.

Tortoiseshell time

Today there were ten small tortoiseshell butterflies in my garden. I couldn't believe my eyes and counted them several times to be sure. That's the most I've ever seen anywhere. I can't resist trying to photograph them in flight but the results are more luck than judgement. And they are not very sharp either but, if it wasn't for digital, I wouldn't be trying at all.

Twin peaks

Birds do it...bees do it...ladybirds among the leaves do it.....

Are you without shame ? Sticking your lens in everywhere. Some things are private.

The morning after the night before

Look hard and you will see the eggs.
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