Sunday Best

The colors of the male mallard.

Lover's Stroll

A pair of mallards take a romantic stroll. This was a pretty poorly exposed shot so I decided to give it a bit of an old postcard feel.

Her Shadow

This female mallard enjoys the spotlight while her mate is content to stay hidden behind her.

If It Looks Like A Duck

And to him, I looked just as awkward.

Foraging Fowl

A female mallard looking for something tasty in the grass.

Is It Vogue?

A male mallard caught in an interesting configuration.

Male Mallard In Profile

A male mallard makes sure I get his best side.

Contortions of Affection

A female mallard making some statement about relationships, maybe.

I'll Show Them My Feather Dance

A female mallard putting on a show that might be just a bit risque...