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  • Fire

    Someone has decided to start a fire in the street. Only in France ...

  • Pilots

    Nadherne letisko - tolko pilotov sa len tak nevidi. Samozrejme v piatok pocas obeda, ked sa tu neda zaparkovat ... ---- Like pilots at an airport - parked it straight on the centerline. On Friday, when it is really difficult to find a place to park her…

  • A "fix"

    That is probably not stock on a Ford Focus ...

  • A "fix"

    That is probably not stock on a Ford Focus ...

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  • Kiddies on motorbikes

    High speed, popping wheelies, no helmets, no plates, no permit, no insurance - what could go wrong here?! And the cops at the end are just priceless - racket like on a race track and they didn't even turn around to check .. This has been going on with t…

  • Another "biker"

    This is one of those kids from the other video. It is hard to see, but the idiot tried to pop a wheelie on a speed hump - with two cars behind him and me coming on from the other side. Then he swerves around trying to not fall off right under one of the c…

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