• Shadows - The intruder

    She could see from the shadow that the intruder was coming into the room bearing a knife ..............................

  • A favourite place

    Am away from home so this is my favourite place for the moment .

  • ssssss

    arti S an pinboard SSS

  • Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge Metal for TSC. Really hard getting the right subject today

  • To All Mums with Love

  • People watching

    People watching through the glass - In Stratford Upon Avon and a bit or Murano in notes

  • Field Fence

  • Mother Earth

    Crops to feed us

  • A knotty problem

    Only have phone today as I'm away

  • Resting

    Eddie having a nap away from Evie. He isn't keen on having a photo shoot. He is adorable and loving and likes to spend time where I am. Unfortunately that means with a camera sometimes.

  • Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Was lacking in inspiration today and nothing relevant to photograph. incase you spotted it, I deleted my first entry as was not happy with it. Not really happy with this either but here goes

  • Nuts and bolts and things

    Was going to take photo of tv remote control but couldn't get near it for men

  • Happy ❤️ Sunday

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone !

  • Must dash !!!!!!!!

    If I could have stopped time a little, perhaps I could have taken a more inspired shot!

  • Happy Valentine's Day heart

  • Romance

    Took a picture (or several) of some flowers I received as an early Valentines Day gift and made a card for you. I had two potential verses - the other is below :)) Alternative verse The night was dark, The moon was high, He stopped the car, She wondere…

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