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18 Sep 2022 8 9 38
Background is part of a new quilt design just finished. Well these were rejected squares which didn’t make it to the quilt but which will still be used. Each square 2 1/2” x 2 1/2”

Autumn mood

12 Sep 2022 3 1 7
Colours of autumn

Mellow yellow

08 Sep 2022 9 5 33
Cap on the rotary cutter blade

Next Challenge

05 Sep 2022 5 2 22
End of filling the frame with your detailed subjects. Now it’s time to go through your ‘papers’. CMT11 Post 11 September - Paper www.ipernity.com/group/daysincolour365/discuss/197910

Drops on the window

05 Sep 2022 5 4 27
Weird weather. Drops and misty windows on the outside

Fill Frame

04 Sep 2022 14 13 50
The Chills are frozen as I have grown rather a lot. They freeze easily and are handy to have in the freezer. They are easy to grate into recipes

Next Challenge?

28 Aug 2022 10 2 58
End of sailing boats and boat paraphernalia! Time To fill the frame with your subject CMT 10 Post 2 September - Fill the Frame www.ipernity.com/group/daysincolour365/discuss/197870

Narrow boats on the canal

28 Aug 2022 9 16 54
Ahh. This was a difficult one as we are not near coast or sea etc. I did manage to go the nearest canal today and get a shot of a couple of boats and also an anchor a a pub near the canal. The anchor was my fall back

Next Challenge ?

21 Aug 2022 17 5 62
Well that’s the end of gardening folks. Now we need to go and search for boats, ships, yachts and sailing stuff……………. CMT 9 Post 28 August Sailing/Ships/ Boats www.ipernity.com/group/daysincolour365/discuss/197844

Gertrude Jekyll


21 Aug 2022 10 15 27
A pair of old gloves even pink ones My Dad’s old spade ( very tactile handle) A bit of toil A lot of planting Request the bees arrive The bees arrive! Bliss! See the carnation top right. There was a carnation in a bouquet I was given. I decided to take a cutting and I planted it and took care of it. It has flowered in the last few days. A bee was hugging it Friday now two bees are hugging it. How wonderful

A brand new dawn

19 Aug 2022 12 10 63
Chosen for World Photography Day. Taken at Dawn with Nature showing us what was on offer. A magical sky followed any a lovely day

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