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  • Chaos Bunny - Lava

    Stoked to find this guy - rarity is listed as ?/?? and it's my first Lava figure too. Hot hot hot :)

  • Godzilla Cat!!

    Newest addition to the J-Led collection, pretty happy to get my hands on this guy :)

  • Meeples!!!

    Phantom expansion for Carcassonne, obtained just for the translucent meeple goodness

  • Green-haired girls, unite!

    Peppermint Grove hanging out with her cousin, who has a thing for reptile cosplay. Takes all sorts!

  • J-Led Firecat

    Sorry about the potato quality photo - at least I'm posting again! :D

  • Centaur Teddy and Friends

    Bunny snail snuck into this shot, which was supposed to be just the Teddy Centaur and the amazing baby Cthulhu by my friend Bronstar! Sneaky maneki neko 400% be@rbrick seems to want some of the limelight too!

  • Full body shot

    My uncle gave me this sweet Rancor, and now they must battle!

  • Green screen close up

    I might try a little PS wizardy against the green... maybe even show you guys if I'm not too embarrassed!

  • Friends!

    Finally the dust settles, and the boys seem to have figured out the new pecking order

  • Let's dance!

    Rain and Johnson try to determine who gets the top bunk

  • Show no fear

    Robot zombie fighters don't fear wraiths

  • These clips are hard with my hands :(

    Poor Johnson - who designed these bags for him?

  • Split personality

    Fun with prisms and be@rs

  • Scareglow - Masters of the Universe

  • Scareglow - Masters of the Universe

    UV torch arrived - finally! Got to have some fun with the GID guys without plunging the lounge into darkness :D

  • Scareglow - Masters of the Universe

    Pretty happy with composition of this one, but cropped out the main focus anyway just ot see the difference (next shot)

  • Scareglow - Masters of the Universe

    Close crop of previous shot

  • Seems the GID Be@rs have been up to mischief

    Infighting about who glows the best, I guess?

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