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This looks to be a ca. 1965 Chevrolet pickup in front of this old house. If you look close you can see what looks like a 1950 chevy truck behind the house. I recall wanting to get some better shots but when I heard what sounded like more than one large dog, I thought I better get back in my car. Found on the Seneca Indian Reservation near Irving, NY

Dodge Pickup

I used the same lens combination as the last photo: A Nikkor-O 35mm lens with a cheapo 0.42x screw on lens attached, mounted on my Sony NEX 5T. I found "Old Rusty" (ca.1961~1964) parked out in front of an out of business pawn shop on Rt. 20, west of Buffalo, NY.

International Farm Truck

I went out for a Sunday drive today and found this 1948 International Harvester KB-5 dump truck parked between a couple of semi trailers at a junk yard on Rt. 20 near Alden, NY I put a Nikkor-O 35mm f2 lens with a 0.42X wide angle lens attached to it's front on my Sony NEX 5T for this shot.

Darien Dodge

I Found this beautiful old Dodge fire engine parked outside a junkyard on Rt 20 near Darien, NY. It is either a 1946 or 1947.

International Pickup

This IH looks to be from 1950. I found this one parked next to a vineyard southwest of Buffalo, NY near the Lake Erie shore.


Broken Headlight on an Old Truck

Old truck I found in the collection at Rose's Trucks in Greigsville, NY

A Man and His Truck

Found photo. No power steering, no air conditioning, no heat, no power windows...no windows at all..or even doors. This White truck from about 1925 shows that trucks back then were built for working first and comfort second...or maybe third. It doesn't look like they put in too much thought about saftey either.


A shot I took a while ago on film. Looks like a 1950 Dodge. Found in Dunkirk, NY

Diamond T Fire Engine

This Diamond T looks like it is from 1958. K.A.P.L. stands for "Knowls Atomic Power Laboratory". I found this beauty near Utica, NY.
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