Huang Shan Chinese Painting

Fabulous Yellow Mountains

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Huang Shan Chinese Painting

Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain), located in eastern Chinas Anhui Province, is famous for its countless jagged rock towers, beautifully wind-sculpted pine trees, and seas of swirling clouds. It resembles a traditional Chinese painting more than a real place. China Anhui Province Yellow Mountains Huang Shan NP UNESCO World Heritage 黃山.

Hungshan Celestial Capital Peak and Welcoming Pine 1500 Years Old

The beauty of this place on top of ancient staircase of thousands steps was probably a gift from heaven for the courageous visitors, mandarins even emperors; Their names have been engraved in the rock! There are 60.000 steps sculpted in the granite often in a very steep grade but nowadays telphers make the ascension from the valley possible without risk of heart crisis while the permanent up and down among summits stay at big risk! We slept there at Jade Screen (Yupinlou) hotel just on top of the peaks; Ch…


IM000642bc Huangshan Shixin Peak

Shixing (Chinese word) is also the 'Beginning-to-believe-Peak' as You feel entering inside a Chinese painting! There are 72 famous named peaks in the huge rugged range of about one thousand peaks often covered by whirling fogs which make up the magic of this place, peaks appearing and disappearing in a sea of clouds when observing from the top of one of them; I saw a reportage on the fabulous pictures of Marc Riboud and decided that I should go there at least one time in my life; We had difficulties to find…


IM000656ac Sharp Peak

How Mother Nature can realize such shapes? Still a geological wonder! China Anhui Huangshan or Yellow Mountains.


IM000657ac The Flowered Paintbrush Dream

This rock is at the center of the previous image of a Chinese stamp; The rock "Flowered Paintbrush Dream" is one of the most famous sites of Huangshan; A majestic pillar stands in a deep valley; The bottom of the stone column is round, and looks like a brush, and the summit is a sharp peak like a feather; An old green pine grows at the top of this pillar, like a flower blossom at the end of a paintbrush; Therefore, this pillar is called "The Flowered Paintbrush Dream"; China Anhui Province Tunxi area Huan…


Huangshan Mobile Phone Rock

Huang Shan or Yellow Mountain, named to honour an ancient emperor called yellow emperor, is a group of vertiginous peaks appearing and disappearing in a frequent sea of turning clouds; Here is the curious Mobile Phone Stone (手机石) among pines; A piercing sun has been easily added for fun as if this flying stone was showing it in the mist! China Anhui Province Huangshan NP UNESCO World Heritage.


IM000648ac Celestial Basking Boot

One of the curiously shaped rocks in the Huangshan range that has inspired romantic stories; I am not sure that this strange rock always exist nowadays as I have not found recent pictures of it on the web to identify its real name! China Anhui Province Tunxi area Huangshan or Yellow Mountains UNESCO World Heritage.

Celestial Basking Boot

A long love story has been written about two lovers, a monk and a nun separated by the sea of clouds in which they plunged to rejoin! Difficult to understand how this enormous balanced rock arrived there! China Anhui Province Yellow Mountains Huang Shan NP UNESCO World Heritage 黃山.

Huang Shan Sea of Clouds at Rooster Peaks and 18 Arhats Behind

China Anhui Province Yellow Mountains Huang Shan NP UNESCO World Heritage.
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