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  • 58 Visited Roman Catholic Cathedrals of Western Europe

    TO SEE ENLARGED AS ALL PICTURES HAVE BEEN REDUCED!!! Around 2 main churches of the Catholic religion (St Peter in Vatican and Santiago de Compostela in Spain, it lacks here the 3 other papal basilicas of Rome St Mary Major, St John Lateran, St Paul Outsid…

  • Paris Cathedrals and Some Famous Churches Organs

    All cathedrals are present, the American cathedral on left and the Russian orthodox new cathedral on right plus St Denis cathedral-basilica, royal sepulture of French kings and queens very close to Paris and few famous churches renamed for their style, si…

  • Paris Cathedral Notre Dame

    TO SEE ENLARGED AS ALL PICTURES HAVE BEEN REDUCED!!! She counts 11 Sisters Cathedral in mediaeval France: St Denis, Senlis, Beauvais, Amiens, Noyon, Reims, Soissons, Laon on North, Sens, Chartres, Bourges on South; France IDF Paris Cathedral Notre Dame bu…

  • PICT3917fc Féerie Parisienne

    Une image de Notre Dame que j'aime beaucoup prise depuis la Place de l'Hotel de Ville avant de reprendre le métro pour rentrer à la maison.

  • 110 1039ac Un Vaisseau de Dentelles de Pierre de 845 ans

    Chef d'œuvre médiéval sur l'île de la Cité érigé à partir de 1163, orgue monumental, trésor, vitraux, site UNESCO avec le berges de Seine; Notre Dame a 11 soeurs Gothiques dans la France médiévale: les aînées: Sens St Etienne (1135), St Denis Basilica (11…

  • 110 1036ac Paris Notre Dame Rarely Opened Central Doors

    Central porch rarely opened (to-day because an exceptional heat); Even the lighted far Pieta in the choir is visible from outside.

  • PICT0123ac Ferronneries Médiévales

    Detail de la porte d'entrée Sud de la cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris.

  • PICT0162ac Paris Notre Dame Rosace Nord

    Grande rosace du transept Nord dédié à la Vierge Marie photographiée depuis l'entrée du transept Sud sous la belle statue de Notre Dame; L'immense lampadaire central a été descendu ce qui permet de meilleures images.

  • PICT0184ac ND Paris Pieta

    La grande Pieta de Coustou photographiée depuis sa base après avoir obtenu un accès privilégié dans le choeur de la cathédrale.

  • PICT4711ac Paris Cathedral Notre Dame North Transept Rose and Famous Virgo Statue

    Candles of a perpetual devotion to the Virgo and Child in majesty, mediaeval statue located on right with an heavenly expression and called Notre-Dame of Paris as the cathedral; France Paris Cathedral Notre Dame; Music added are the famous litanies of Jeh…

  • 110 1081ac Paris ND Grand Organ and West Facade Rose

    These great organs were rebuilt by F.Thierry in 1730, by F.H.Cliquot in 1784, by A.Cavaill� Coll in 1863, by J.Hermann & R.Boisseau in 1963 an newly restored in 1992 on an order of the State Organist Pierre Cochereau (died in 1985 Five of March); Between…

  • 111 1181ac St Louis (Louis IX) Large Gold Effigy

    The only King of France elected as a Saint by the Christian Catholic Church who bought to the Venezians the Saint Thorn Crown of Christ placed first in its dedicated St Chapelle of Paris (ordered by St Louis) and now also in the treasure of Notre de Par…

  • 111 1185bc Pregnant Virgo Visitation

    Rare image of the Virgin Mary in pregnancy visiting Her cousin Elizabeth future mother of St John the Baptist; France Paris Cathedral Notre Dame North choir walls of bas-reliefs describing the main stages of the life of Jesus.

  • PICT4606bc Paris Notre Dame Gargoyle Eating Montparnasse Building

    France Paris Cathedral Notre Dame.

  • PICT8115ac Misty Mystic Cathedral

    Apparition of the Eternal Church is a litany written by OIivier Messiaen which matches well with the cathedral and plunges the auditor in a contemplative state mostly when seating in front of the great North rose!!! France Paris Cathedral Notre Dame in Wi…

  • 111 1107ac Adam and Eve Eating the Forbidden Fruit or The Original Fault

    Difficult to understand this fault as we have been doted of sexual organs as all the creation! Detail of the Genesis bas-reliefs located on sides of the porch of the high chapel (Royal Chapel) not accessible in the middle age by common people only allowe…

  • St Denis Cathedral Basilica

    TO SEE ENLARGED AS ALL PICTURES HAVE BEEN REDUCED!!! France IDF Seine St Denis Cathedral Basilica St Denis French Kings and Queens Cemetery built from1140.

  • 112 1293ac Visual Shock of a Delightful Apparition

    Shock of the sudden discovery from outside the basilica-cathedral of the sublime blue North rose; The scenery behind this door is out of description! The colors are true here because this shot was made in the normal outside light and not in the darker ins…

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