P9264190ac Divine Inspiration for a Baby at Play with a Cathedral Light

Light Effects

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  • P9264190ac Divine Inspiration for a Baby at Play with a Cathedral Light

    It was now very dark inside the cathedral; This scene was of course unattended and my camera not prepared for it so it was totally blurred; As I love it, and as it was not possible to simply sharpen it by the dedicated command, I have redrawn completely h…

  • PICT3207ac Lisors Village Church

    Difficult to imagine more quiet pond reflections! France Norman Vexin Lisors Village.

  • P4260219ac Lisors Revisited St Martin Church and Pond

    The weather and the pond are different with the older image; Aquatic herbs have invaded the pond; France Normandy Eure.

  • 108 0872ac CHTI Country Bascule Bridge

    Scarpe river reflections and typical bascule bridge of the region ; France Hauts-de-France Region North Department Douai town.

  • PICT13456ac Roman Lights

    France Auvergne Issoire Roman Church.

  • IMG 8086ac Mirrored Painting in my Kitchen

    One of my first water colours paintings on Paris Place des Vosges that I saw reflecting in a mirror of my kitchen.

  • IMG 7704ac La Soupe aux Lentilles

    The lentil soup! Reflections with nympheas at Commelles ponds, in Chantilly forest; A Claude Monet vision!

  • IMG 5291ac Micro Niagara Falls

    Reflections on cascading waters; Just a syphon permitting to the waters of a pond to pass under a band of earth and to communicate with the next one; Simple things can be beautiful! France Oise Chantilly Forest

  • 115 1522a Cycle of Life and Death

    Reflections at Commelles ponds and dead leaves feeding waters and fishes; France Oise Chantilly Forest.

  • 113 1398a The red Island

    Reflection at Commelles ponds of the first red tree (always the first in Autumn) lone on an island.France Oise Chantilly Forest

  • PICT4468bc Douce France

    Sainte Félicité possède le plus haut clocher de l'Oise hormis la cathédrale de Senlis; Un symbole de notre douce France, cher Pays de notre enfance!

  • PICT13135ac Poitiers Notre Dame La Grande Mystical Church

    A providencial strong ray of sun seems to light the new grand organ! I post this because we leave for a 10 days trip and shall begin to-day by Poitiers! France Poitou Poitiers Notre Dame La Grande Roman Church.

  • Amboise3 Loire River Reflections

    France Amboise Town and Castle mirroring in Loire river.

  • P6278613ac Périgueux Byzantine Cathedral St Front Mirroring in Isle River

    France Aquitaine Region Dordogne Department Périgueux Capital Cathedral St Front.

  • IMG 7094 Divine Sunset in Corsica Bella

    France Corsica St Florent Sunset on the Meditteranean sea.

  • PICT1170dc Scenic Picnic

    USA Washington Cascade Range Mt Shuksan

  • PICT1148ac Highest Seattle Building

    We were on top, the views on Mt Rainier volcalo (more then 5,000 meters high in one time from the sea with no pre-alps) and on the Puget Sound are outstanding! USA Washington Seattle Columbia Bank Building.

  • PICT1873ac Limpid Tipsoo Lake

    I could have stayed hours to look at these light effects on the dancing little waves; USA Washington Mt Rainier NP.

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