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  • VPFJC Jordanie Syrie Israel 197910

    You enter the very salted water vertically and suddenly your body goes up as a cork and You are set horizontal floating with no effort! The effort is to get back vertical!!! Israel Dead Sea near Jericho.

  • VPFJC Nepal 198011

    I was turning the prayers mills at it is done by local devotees to make prayers go in the sky! Nepal Katmandu Valley Swayambunath temple.

  • VPFJC Mexique Yucatan 198612

    Pierre very subject to dizziness did not climb it; Usually not affected by this trouble I climbed it but was unable to redescend having suddenly the impression to throw myself in the emptyness! When I approached the fist step I saw people very little at…

  • 198612 VPFJCGuatemalaFloresTikalArrival

    We are the last passengers to leave the plane; The jaguar is one of the main temples in Tikal; Tikal is the ruin of an ancient city of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization; In 1853, archeologists and treasure hunters began visiting the forest. Today, tour…

  • VPFJC Reunion 198712

    Visit of Mafates Circus; Image taken by my loved Mother who died in 2001. French Department of Reunion Island Indian Ocean. No montage.

  • 198806 VPFJCTurkeyNemrutDagi

    The Mount Nemrut tomb-sanctuary was probably built for king Antiochus Theos of Kommagene who believed he was a descendant of Apollo, in the first part of the first century BC. The main feature is a tumulus (tomb hill) about 50 meters high, top of a mounta…

  • VPFJC Turkey East Anatolia Ishak Pasha Palace 198806

    Ishak Pasha Palace : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : Ishak Pasha Palace is a semi-ruined palace and administrative complex located in the Dogubeyazıt district of Agrı province in Eastern Turkey; The Ishak Pasha palace is an Ottoman-period palace w…

  • VPFJC Japan 199311

    Japan Hiroshima area Myajima island temple door (toori) pictured during our 1993 world tour.

  • VPFJC USA Alaska 199406

    A freezing ramble at Portage Glacier: We took our rental car to drive from Anchorage to Katmai Island and let it to take a very expensive short steam train ride up to the glacier (more than 100US$ by person if I remember well!); When arrived at seashore,…

  • 199406 Devils Tower NM (Tour du Diable)

    Devils Tower (also Bear Lodge Butte]) is a laccolithic butte composed of igneous rock in the Bear Lodge Mountains (part of the Black Hills) near Hulett and Sundance in Crook County, northeastern Wyoming, above the Belle Fourche River. It rises dramaticall…

  • VPFJC Indonesia Bali 199501

    Besakih Mother Hindu Temple: This is the most sacred Hindu temple of Bali located in altitude on the base of the active volcano Mt Agung at a cosmological place; The story says that during a major eruption of the high volcano the huge destructive lava flo…

  • VPFJC Alberta 199606

    Indian real pow-wow; Canada Calgary Stampede Aboriginal Indian Village.

  • VPFJC NewCaledonia19961225

  • VPFJC Canada BC 199707

    I guard our new rented house for the day; As I was engaged in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for that, Pierre was a little anxious to be without driver for several days! Canada British Columbia New Hazelton Indian Village.

  • VPFJC USA 199806

    Eternal Vision of America, Dreamed Destination Reached!!! We arrived from France in Houston Texas and rented a good car; The shown place is not a National Park but a place I saw in a brochure during a previuos trip in Wyoming; I promised myself to go ther…

  • VPFJCBirmanie Old Wooden Monastery Stage 200101

    Coming from the turbulent capital of France, we needed this period of calm and contemplation Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung Old Wooden Monastery! Burma Inle Lake Nyaungshwe Taungyi area.

  • VPFJC Burma Bagan 200101

    Dhammayazika Temple 1196: Under restoration after the damages caused by the 1975 earthquake; Myanmar (Burma) Bagan site of thousands Buddhist temples West of Pwasaw village.

  • VPFJC Indonesia Sumatera Minangkabau Tribe Secondary Residence 200102

    Indonesia Sumatera Island Harau Canyon Minangkabau style chalet ButikkIngi area..

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