• PICT10918bc Amusing True Spanish Welcome

    Just entering Spain after the Pourtalet Pass, just at the border with France, we had this amusing encounter!!!!! It will be the symbol of our very nice trip to Santiago of Compostelle in June 2006! Spain Aragon border road to Jaca (Calle de la Unica).

  • Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria 1221

    TO SEE ENLARGED AS ALL PICTURES HAVE BEEN REDUCED!!! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The Burgos Cathedral is a Gothic-style cathedral; It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is famous for its vast size and unique architecture; Its construction bega…

  • PICT10957ac Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria South Aisle

    It is the entry side by the Sarmental porch; One can see the three famous octogonal star lighted structures: on left behind the facade belfries the chapel of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, then a part of the central lantern tower and on the righ…

  • PICT10960bc Burgos Cathedral Plaza Santiago Pilgrimer

    It is perhaps an image of Santiago himself; The face is very pretty and the sculptor realized the difficult work on a bronze molding to reproduce his hairy chest as men are strongly hairy in this part of the world; Even not very old this statue is used on…

  • PICT10962ac South Sarmental Portal 13th

    To see enlarged for details; We enter the cathedral by the Southern Sarmental portal which is the oldest (circa 1230); The Christ is represented there surrounded by his apostles at work and evangelists; Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria.

  • PICT10963ac Part of The Evangelists at South Sarmental Porch

    The faces expressions of these mediaeval men are outstanding! Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria.

  • PICT10969ac Choir's High Gate

    Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria.

  • P6281943ac Choir Side of One of the Two Facing Grand Organs

    Spain Castile-y-Léon Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria.

  • PICT10980ac Four Massive Pilllars to Support the Central Dome at Naves Crossing

    The great star of the lantern tower (cimborio) enlights the heart of the cathedral; Above the naves crossings, on top of four massive pillars, towers the 59m (194ft) high lantern called the 'Cimborio', a masterpiece of Plateresque art erected by Juan de…

  • PICT10988ac Octogonal Chapel of the Presentation

    An architectural octogonal wonder as the lantern dome and the Constables chapel; The star cupola is by Cristobal of Andino (1534); The windows were over lighted and completely white; I have re drawn their inside framing but am not able to restore their pe…

  • PICT10999ac Gilded Retable of St Ann Chapel

    In the centre are the hugs between St James and St Ann; work of Jon of Siloe; Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria Chapel of Santa Ana de la Conception.

  • PICT11003ac The North Transept Golden Staircase

    On North transept a double staircase leads up to the door of the coronation 8m or 26ft above the cathedral's floor; The Plateresque style of this gilded balustrade was the work of Diego de Siloe, son of Gil de Siloe; Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedra…

  • PICT11011ac St Magdalena by Italian Painter Rizzoli 16th

    The St Maria Magdalena of Giovani Pietro Rizzoli (disciple of Leonardo da Vinci) has been painted during the 16th century; Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria Constables Chapel.

  • PICT11013ac Christ Cross Deposition 1525

    Detail of the Constables Chapel great retable: St Ann and Christ sustained by angels; work of Diego Siloe (1495-1563) in 1525; Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria Constables Chapel Retable.

  • PICT11015ac Constables of Castile Outstanding Grave Sculptures

    Ms Mendoza of Mencia and Figueroa seems to smile for eternity! Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedral Constables Chapel; Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria Constables Chapel.

  • PICT11016ac Retable of Jesus Nativity and Temple Presentation

    Oeuvre of Felipe Vigarny (1470-1543); Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedral Constables Chapel

  • PICT11022bc Dome of the Eastern Chapel of the Constables

    The Constables chapel (1482-1494) is an Isabelin Flamboyant Gothic style chapel by Simon of Cologne with a magnificent star cupola and filled with traceries, knights, angels and heraldry; Spain Castille-y-Leon Burgos Cathedra Santal Maria.

  • PICT11024ac Christ Calvary Choir External Walls

    Central deambulatory (girola) choir large panel showing Christ wearing his cross among people and soldiers 16th; Oeuvre of Felipe Vigarny (1470-1543); Spain Castile-and-Leon Burgos Cathedral Santa Maria.

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