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African Images

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  • Africa Political Map of Visited Nations

    A good way to remember all trips in each continent!

  • 2000 Another Fascinating Trip of 7 378 km Through South Africa

    BETTER TO SEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS!!! In fact this collage shows very few compared to all what we saw during this quite 8000 km drive as the splendid Wines Route and Garden Route, Kwazu-Natal with Zulu tribe visit and the Indian town of Durban, the kingdo…

  • Facing Cape Town and Table Mountain

    Bloubergstrand beach view on Table Mountain and Cape Town austral end of Africa;The true most Southern Point of Africa is Cape Aghilas just on East of this one; Our Lufthansa B747 made a complete tour of this group of moutains before landing, it has been…

  • Encountered Very High Animal Dangers

    Among many other dangers we encountered during our trips ( 5 deadly flights (an avoided collision between two B747 and four wrong landings in cyclonic conditions) , 2 slides in Turkey and in Sumatera, 1 earthquake level six in Martinica, our car overflowe…

  • Namibia Flag

    The flag of Namibia was adopted on March 21, 1990 upon independence from South Africa; The main colours were taken from the flag of the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO), the most important liberation movement in Namibia; That flag was adop…

  • DSCN0144ac Black Faced Impala Grazing

    Note the lyre-shaped horns, white tail and several black markings; Antelopes are a group of plant-eating mammals that belong to the same family as sheep, goats, and cattle; The impala, the addax, the different gazelles (Thomson, Grant etc...), gnus, and k…

  • DSCN0148ac Surprised Reticulated Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata)

    Just afraid the giraffe began to pee! Namibia Etosha National Park.

  • DSCN0161ac Herd of Impalas Grazing

    Africa Namibia Etosha National Park.

  • DSCN0165ac Elegant Zebra

    The mane is perfect, it has a good hair dresser!!! Africa Namibia Etosha National Park.

  • DSCN0170ac Malopanes Trees (Moringa ovalifolia)

    Malopanes trees are endemic species fo Namibia existing only there in the world!!! Africa Namibia Etosha National Park Ghost Trees Forest.

  • DSCN0196ac Seals Large Colony

    Namibia Cape Cross Seal Colony: one of the most important in the world!

  • DSCN0198ac Swakopmund Woermann House

    The Woermannhaus (or Woermann House) in Bismarck Street of Swakopmund is one of the oldest buildings in the city and one of its most visited landmarks; The complex was built by the architect Frederick Holt, in a historic half-timbered style from the Hambu…

  • DSCN0200ac Moon Valley A Mineral World

    Africa Namibia Erongo Moon Valley.

  • DSCN0205ac Strange Welwitschia mirabilis More Than 2000 Years Old

    This plant is one of the few things on earth that can be truly called one of a kind! It consists only of two leaves and a stem base with roots; Both leaves that grow from opposite sides of the stem will continue to grow and never drops and instead gets br…

  • DSCN0215ac Young Roadside Semi-Precious Stones Sellers

    It is incredible to see such young childs barefoot and totally alone in the very hot and dangerous desert! We saw nobody in this area during hours! Africa Namibia Erongo Usakos area.

  • DSCN0220ac Spitzkoppe Mountains

    The Spitzkoppe (from German for "pointed dome", also referred to as Spitzkop, Groot Spitzkop, or the "Matterhorn of Namibia"), is a group of bald granite peaks or bornhardts located between Usakos and Swakopmund in the Namib desert of Namibia; The granite…

  • DSCN0223ac Mineral World

    It promises to be very hot!!! Africa Namibia Namib Naukluft National Park entry dune 7.

  • DSCN0225ac The Great Adventure Begins and What an Adventure!

    More than 800 km to Luderitz quite alone (we did not cross or pass any car on all this desert road) and saw people only during the Sossusvlei dunes detour!!! Africa Namibia Namib Naukluft NP North entry.

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