Jacques' photos

  • P4260219ac Lisors Revisited St Martin Church and Pond

    The weather and the pond are different with the older image; Aquatic herbs have invaded the pond; France Normandy Eure.

  • PICT1561ac Kennedy Lake under Grand Skies.

    Canada BC Vancouver Island Kennedy Lake near Tofino.

  • PICT1187ac Wild Beauty

    USA Washington Mt Baker wilderness.

  • PICT1154ac Indian Presence

    USA Washington Seattle landmark, totems at Pioneers 's square.

  • PICT1670ac Bridal Vail Falls

    Canada Brish Columbia Hope area.

  • PICT1557ac Indian Art House

    Many Indian natives inhabit Vancouver Island and all continental Brish Columbia; Vancouver Island, Tofino, Indian Art shop.

  • PICT1547ac Pleasant Wooden Pass

    He-Tin-Kis seaside boardwalk , a wooden pass to permit the passage of visitors in the rugged lush bush and also to protect the plants; The wooden path spouses the ground shapes, going up and down; A very good idea to avoid accidents and make the ramble ve…

  • PICT1540ac Wild Marine Scenery with Numerous Islands

    Canada BC Vancouver Island Amphitrite Point near Ucluelet and Pacific Rim NP.

  • PICT1525ac Sea Lover

    Extreme winds shape curiously the trees at ocean shore; Canada BC Vancouver Island Pacific Rim NP.

  • PICT1521ac Torched Trees

    Extreme winds shape curiously the trees at ocean shore and can kill them as this one torched by a tornado. Canada BC Vancouver Island Pacific Rim NP.

  • PICT1507ac Whale in a Green Stream

    Rock in a clear salmon stream; I took the picture for the green colour! Canada BC Vancouver Island Road in a vast wilderness to reach the West Coast and Pacific Rim NP.

  • IMG 7704ac La Soupe aux Lentilles

    The lentil soup! Reflections with nympheas at Commelles ponds, in Chantilly forest; A Claude Monet vision!

  • PICT5297bc Sunset Over Mekong

    Huge sunset reflections on Mekong river from Luang Prabang Wat Phra Bat, a bankside Buddhist temple where can be observed the most beautiful sunsets on the famous large river.

  • PICT2630ac The Red Sea?

    No, just a lake shore with orange mud and sediments all around; USA California Trinity River Valley Whiskey Town NRA Clear Eagle Lake .

  • 108 0872ac CHTI Country Bascule Bridge

    Scarpe river reflections and typiical bascule bridge of the region ; France North Douai.

  • PICT3207ac Lisors Village Church

    Difficult to imagine more quiet pond reflections! France Norman Vexin Lisors Village.

  • IMG 0563ac Lao Sunset on Mekong

    Taken from top of Phusi Hill in central Luang Prabang.

  • 115 1522a Cycle of Life and Death

    Reflections at Commelles ponds and dead leaves feeding waters and fishes; France Oise Chantilly Forest.

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