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  • P9171094ac Le Diben Fishermen Boats

    Bretagne Region Finistère Department Plougasnou Le Diben harbour.

  • Quimper Cathedral St Corentin Curio

    Christ killed on the cross by an arrow in the chest is in the wrong side when seen from inside; This makes the view from outside correct! Curiously the lighting of this part of the large window is not visible from inside! France Bretagne Region Finistère…

  • P8013320ac Kermezen Hotel Château

    France Bretagne Region (Brittany) Côtes -d'Armor Department Kermezen Château also luxury hotel.

  • P8013323ac Kermezen Hotel Château Chapel

    France Bretagne Region (Brittany) Côtes -d'Armor Department Kermezen Château also luxury hotel.

  • P8013322ac Kermezen Hotel Château Side Donjon

    France Bretagne Region (Brittany) Côtes -d'Armor Department Kermezen Château also luxury hotel.

  • P9103588ac Rare Detail of the Virgin Mary Nativity

    I choose to post this on Assumption day; Detail of the large retable showing a very rare representation of the Virgin Mary's nativity; St Joachim, a happy father, congratulates Santa Anna while the midwives are bathing the just born Infant Virgin; France…

  • Bretagne Treguier Old Cathedral

    This collage groups pictures taken on different years since 2010 ; On the first left picture taken from the superb cloister (1468) which has 48 flamboyant Gothic style arcades, one can see the North romanesque Hastings tower on right 12th , the Sanctus to…

  • 2017 Bretagne Plougrescant

    TO SEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS; During 4 months we had the daily visits of our friend Titi often funny and very sociable; We stayed all time in Plougrescant area going only in neighbouring towns to buy food in supermarkets; France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Arm…

  • Pors Scaff Islet After Storm

    We see a car near the house as the islet is only accessible at low tide; Mammatus clouds have appeared after the storm; France Bretagne Region Côtes d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village.

  • 199307 Balanced Rock

    One can size it as I am on the picture! Balanced Rock is one of the most popular features of Arches National Park; It is located next to the park's main road, at about 9 miles (14.5 km) from the park entrance; The total height of Balanced Rock is about 12…

  • 199406 Devils Tower NM (Tour du Diable)

    Devils Tower (also Bear Lodge Butte]) is a laccolithic butte composed of igneous rock in the Bear Lodge Mountains (part of the Black Hills) near Hulett and Sundance in Crook County, northeastern Wyoming, above the Belle Fourche River. It rises dramaticall…

  • France Oise Valois Picardie

    TO SEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS!!! After the Merovingian dynasty (begun with Clovis I in 481 AD), the Carolingians (Pepin the Short in 751) and the Capetian (Hugh Capet in 987), the Valois have held the throne of France since Philip VI in 1328, to Henry III,…

  • Charming France

    Quite all these places are classified UNESCO World Heritage and represent very few of France built landmarks or remarquable landscapes; I have put inside this collage an internet aerial view of the recent Millau viaduct which have piles as high as Eiffe…

  • Rome St John of Lateran

    St John of Lateran is the church where the regning Pope is Bishop of Rome diocese and where the actual French President is co-Prince, a tradition coming from the fact that France is recognized by the Vatican as the elder daughter of the Roman Catholic Rel…

  • P3316580ac Roman Villa dei Casale Mosaics Detail

    Italy Sicily Mediterranean Island Enna Province Piazza Armerina town area Roman Villa dei Casale UNESCO World Heritage since 1997.

  • P3316617ac St Agatha Martyr

    Italy Sicily Mediterranean Island Enna Province Piazza Armerina Town Duomo St Mary of Victory.

  • 201103 Portugal Madeira Flowers Island

    TO SEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS!!! I show more widely flowers of this very attractive island in my album on Madeira; Portugal Madeira Island Autonomous Region and exquisite destination of Atlantic Ocean.

  • P6142190ac Orchids and Cascade in the Tropical Glass House

    Refreshing while posted on the coldest day in France 2018! USA Nevada Las Vegas the Mirage Casino.

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