Posted on 09/29/2010

Photo taken on September 29, 2010

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Agios Oros
Theocratic Republic
Self Ruling Religious District
Zografou Monastery
Dochiariou Monastery
Xenophontos Monastery
Russian St Panteleimon Monastery
Simonos Petra Monastery
Holy Garden of Virgin Mary
Cruise to Mt Athos
UNESCO World Heritage
Akti Peninsula
Mt Athos
Orthodox Sacred Mountain
200706 Trip
Agiou Pavlou Monastery

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Cruise to Mt Athos Orthodox Sacred Mountain Holy Garden of the Virgin Mary

Cruise to Mt Athos Orthodox Sacred Mountain Holy Garden of  the Virgin Mary
All pics are mine except the free map where it lacks a monastery juste under Esfigmenou monastery on Eastern side (Chilandariou monastery); We bought a cruise from Oranopouli to this ewtreme point of the continent in the Egean Sea to see from the ship many of the isolated monateries famous all over the world; A curious cloud formation is visible on the top of the mountain making us think that Mt Athos was an active volcano but it is not and these clouds are just a coincidence! There are 20 monasteries on this peninsula of Agios Oros finishing by the sacred Mt Athos; Our cruise shall show us the monasteries of the Western part up to Mt Athos base (Zografou, Dochiariou, Xenophontos, Russian St Panteleimon, Xiropotamou, Simonos Petra, Gregoriou, Dyonisiou, Agiou Pavlou), not the monasteries of the Eastern part on the other side (Megistis Lavra, Karacalou, Philotheo, Iviron, Koutloumousiou, Stavronikita, Pantokratoros, Vatopediou, Zographou, Constamonitou, Esfigmenou, Chilandariou); From wikipedia: Mt Athos is a mountain of Northern Greece; Reaching a height of 6,670 ft (2,033 m), it occupies Aktí, a promontory of the Chalcidice Peninsula; It is the site of a semiautonomous republic of 20 monasteries and dependencies (skites); Organized monastic life began there in 963, when St. Athanasius the Athonite founded the first monastery; By 1400 there were 40 monasteries; Long regarded as the holy mountain of the Greek Orthodox Church, it was declared a theocratic republic in 1927; Its churches and libraries house a rich collection of Byzantine art and ancient and medieval manuscripts; Mount Athos is a mountain on the peninsula of the same name in Macedonia, of northern Greece, called in Greek Agion Oros, or in English, "Holy Mountain"; Politically it is known in Greece as the self-governed Monastic State of the Holy Mountain; This World Heritage Site is home to 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries and forms a self-governed monastic state within the sovereignty of the Hellenic Republic; Spiritually, Mount Athos comes under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople; Entrance is prohibited to women (even to quite all female animal mammals) because monks feel that the presence of women alters the social dynamics of the community and therefore slows their path towards spiritual enlightenment; Even Queen Elisabeth II of England was obliged to stay on her ship while Philippe of Edimbourg visited the place alone! Early Christianity: According to the athonite tradition, the Blessed Virgin Mary was sailing accompanied by St John the Evangelist from Joppa to Cyprus to visit Lazarus; When the ship was blown off course to then pagan Athos it was forced to anchor near the port of Klement, close to the present monastery of Iviron; The Virgin walked ashore and, overwhelmed by the wonderful and wild natural beauty of the mountain, she blessed it and asked her Son for it to be her garden; A voice was heard saying "Ἔστω ὁ τόπος οὖτος κλῆρος σός καί περιβόλαιον σόν καί παράδεισος, ἔτι δέ καί λιμήν σωτήριος τῶν θελόντων σωθῆναι" (Translation: "Let this place be your inheritance and your garden, a paradise and a haven of salvation for those seeking to be saved"); From that moment the mountain was consecrated as the garden of the Mother of God and was out of bounds to all other women; Greece Macedonia Agios Oros Akti Peninsula Mt Athos Self Ruling Religious District UNESCO World Heritage since 1988.

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joli collage!
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Plusieurs jours de travail sur mes photos et de recherche sur Internet pour identifier les monastères et les documenter, j'ai appris plein de choses que j'ignorais lors de notre visite de cet endroit spécial et fascinant! Merci guenievre!
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Super boulot Jacques.
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Merci beaucoup Loule, j'aurais dû faire le job de Tour Opérateur!!!!
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