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PICT4994ac CONIDAE Family Box of Pristine Cones (Killers!)

PICT4994ac CONIDAE Family  Box of Pristine Cones (Killers!)
Cones are mostly present in warm waters and specially in tropical zones of Indian and Pacific ocean; More than 300 species have been discovered; Cones are carnivore (worms, little fishes, other molluscs) and are able to kill other shells by piercing their yet very hard carapace; Some are very poisonous even lethal to humans (in 5 minutes) and can bite your hand when collecting without precaution; To give size, the box is 38 cm long for 25 cm large; The biggest conus in the box centre is 10 cm long; Here are: 1 Conus genuanus or Garter cone (west Africa); 2 Conus sieboldi or Siebold 's cone (Taiwan China Sea); 3 Conus mustelinus or Weasel cone ( Pacific Ocean Siasi Island); 4 Conus gubernator or Governor cone (Mozambique canal) rare blue version; 5 Conus quercinus or Oak cone (West Pacific Ocean) 6 Conus figulinus or Fig cone (Indian Ocean); 7 Conus miles or Soldier cone (Pacific Ocean Palawan island Philippines); 8 Conus princeps apogrammatus or Orange Prince Cone very rare ( California Gulf, it can reach 2,000$!, can be confused with Conus diadema or Diadem cone from same region); 9 Conus tessulatus or Tesselate cone (Indian Ocean Kenya Coast); 10 Conus textile or Textile cone (8 cm, large Indo-Pacific distribution & deadly shell!!!); 11 Conus aulicus or Princely cone (Pacific Ocean,Samar island); 12 Conus litteratus or Lettered cone (Indo Pacific); 13 Large dark Conus aulicus or Princely cone of 10 cm , rare perfect specimen; 14 Conus litteratus or Lettered cone with concave white base (heaviest one from Cebu Island); 15 Conus imperialis fuscatus, a variety of Imperial cone (Indian Ocean Mauritius island); 16 Conus marmoreus or Marble cone (Samar island Philippines); 17 Conus striatus or Striate cone ( Indo Pacific); 18 Conus imperialis or Imperial cone (Indian Ocean Mauritius island); 19 Conus distans or Distant cone perhaps a Conus vexillum or Flag cone (Indo Pacific); 20 Conus (Dendroconus) betulinus cleobula or Beech cone (Indo Pacific Philippines); 21 Conus generalis or General cone (sumptuous and relatively common, Pacific Ocean); 22 Conus telatus or Philippine cone (Southern Philippines); 23 Conus marmoreus vidua form or bandanus (Indo Pacific); France Clichy Home.

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Your home must be a wonderful museum of treasures from around the world.
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Yes a lot of wonders at home but too many now and the museum should need to be extended!!! Thank You Carol!
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