Posted on 07/28/2016

Photo taken on June  8, 2016

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197510 Indonesia1Malaysia1CruiseThailand1

197510 Indonesia1Malaysia1CruiseThailand1
Collision between our B747and another B747 of Air France avoided in extremis!!!! The previous flights were by Air France to Rome then to Singapore with a B747 of Singapore Airline and several stops including Bangkok; We had given the itinerary to our families; There were strikes in Paris airport and it was decided for us a change of flights: we took a B747 of Air France to Bangkok and refind there the B747 of Singapore airline; A stop was scheduled in Athens then Tel Aviv (Lod airport was uncompletely active because local war) then Tehran Delhi and Bangkok; Ending the injection after TelAviv at night, the four motors cut suddenly and we felt quickly above Lebanon mountains: Oxygen masks felt and we had adopted a position of imminent crash! The captain made this deadly manoeuvre to avoid the collision with another B747 of Air France exactly in the same corridor that by chance he had seen at circa 2.000 km/h because he looked in front and no clouds were present to hide viewing! It has been my most frightening plane incident during 18 seconds of fall (my head was projected on my window during a strong and brutal turn and I saw a green straight line, it was the belly light of the other B747!!!! The captain came in each section of the plane explaining that for multiple reasons we escaped to death!!! We had a Cognac in Tehran stop (amusing place to drink Cognac!) and the pilot was changed because ours was brought to hospital; I was terrified to continue the trip with the same plane as I thought that pieces had been damaged by these abnormal movements! We found our normal B747 of Singapore Airline in Bangkok and continued our trip in it to Singapore our final destination to begin the cruise in Indonesia and Malaysia.

I am not sure I would fly again after such a scare.
2 years ago.
Jacques has replied to albertsville
It has been frightening for me during years mostly when we saw a B747 just projected in the sea in Hongkong before our landing in this very dangerous airport (in the past) or when we took off after touching earth in Vietnam Hue because of violent side winds of a tornado!!!
2 years ago.