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Holy Cross Cathedral
Sainte Croix
South Aisle

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IMG 0820ac Cathedral South Side and Story in English

IMG 0820ac Cathedral  South Side and Story in English
History of the Cathedral: The Church of the Holy Cross owes its name to Saint Euverte, bishop of Orleans, which laid the foundations in 330, when the cross of Christ was discovered in Jerusalem by St. Helena, niece of the Emperor Constantine; First priest could office there for the first time in 350; Saint Aignan, the successor of Saint Euverte, completed the building; But it is the architect Mélius who hightened the apse and the choir (390-450); The Normans sinked the church in 865, but were unable to burn it; Carloman and Arnulph rebuilt it in 883; In 999, a mysterious fire, which consumed all the monuments in the city of Orleans did not save the new church; In the eleventh century a cathedral was built to replace the Church of Saint Etienne, becoming too exiguous; In the twelfth century, the chapter extended its lodging in the cloister of Ste Croix; As the Bishop Arnoult grown too rapidly the building, the sanctuary and most of the nave collapsed in 1227; In 1239, Robert of Courtenay, grandson of Louis-le-Gros, expressed his desire to rebuild the towers collapsed, it gave large sums to begin work and provide timber from its forests and stones from his career; But forced to follow Saint Louis in a cruisade to the Holy Land, he left the task of continuing and completing the work to his friend Bishop Gilles Pathay, his successor; This one raised the foundation stone of the resumption of work on September 11, 1288; The Bishop Gilles Pathay died the same year, so this is Pierre de Mornay, who succeeded him and completed the work; The choir is placed on the foundations that had been laid by Bishop Arnoult; Kings Charles VII and Louis XI complete the work of the cathedral and at the same time saved from ruin the collegiale St Aignan and all other churches of Orleans; During the night of 23 to 24 March 1568, Protestants plundered the Cathedral of Orleans; The four pillars of the transept crossing were mined and their fall brought the collapse of almost the whole Church; It did stayed up only the door of the bishop, six pillars of the choir, the eleven chapels of the roundabout and some wall insulated; Henri III, Henri IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV and Louis XV deal successively the rebuilding of the Cathedral of Orleans; On July 2, 1598, King Henry IV, returning from a visit in Britain, promised during his visit in Orleans to rebuild the monument completely; On April 18, 1601, the King and Queen Marie de Médicis posed the first stone of the new work; In 1622, foundations of the transepts were begun; In 1766 the southern portal was achieved; The Chapter Church of the Holy Cross became a a parish in 1791; The works of the tower re begin in 1817; In 1829 the whole facade, the large portal and the towers begun in 1726, are finally exposed to public; France Loiret Orleans Cathedral of the Holy Cross Ste Croix.