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Photo taken on May 21, 2013

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Cambodia Angkor Archaeological Park

Cambodia Angkor Archaeological Park
TO BEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS Archaeological sites of Angkor in Cambodia are up to now the world largest religious place; We have visited the main sites, the originally Hindu famous Angkor Wat and surroundings, the grandiose walled town of Ankgor Thom with inside the royal Buddhist temple called Bayon (The Bayon has 54 towers and 216 heads of smiling king Jayavarman VII from 13th), also from him the outside Banteay Kdei temple dedicated to his grand parents, the unbelievable Ta Prohm invaded by strangler trees and dedicated to his mother, in the distance the delicate Banteay Srei temple dedicated to women and still further the curious Hindu sacred river with 1,000 lingas (phallus) of Shiva and stone carvings in its bed (kbal Spean);
From wikipedia list of monuments and useful significance of Khmer terms used here and there:
The area of Angkor has many significant archaeological sites, including the following: Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat, Baksei Chamkrong, Banteay Kdei, Banteay Samré, Banteay Srei, Baphuon, the Bayon, Chau Say Tevoda, East Baray, East Mebon, Kbal Spean, the Khleangs, Krol Ko, Lolei, Neak Pean, Phimeanakas, Phnom Bakheng, Phnom Krom, Prasat Ak Yum, Prasat Kravan, Preah Khan, Preah Ko, Preah Palilay, Preah Pithu, Pre Rup, Spean Thma, Srah Srang, Ta Nei, Ta Prohm, Ta Som, Ta Keo, Terrace of the Elephants, Terrace of the Leper King, Thommanon, West Baray, West Mebon;
Terms and phrases:
Angkor is a Khmer term meaning "city"; It comes from the Sanskrit nagara.
Banteay is a Khmer term meaning "citadel" or "fortress" that is also applied to walled temples.
Baray means "reservoir".
Esvara, or Isvara, is a suffix referring to the god Shiva.
Gopura is a Sanskrit term meaning "entrance pavilion" or "gateway".
Jaya is a prefix meaning "victory".
Phnom is a Khmer term meaning "mountain".
Prasat is a Khmer term meaning "tower". It comes from the Sanskrit prasada.
Preah is a Khmer term meaning "God" or "King" it can also be a prefix meaning "sacred" or "holy". (Preah Khan means "sacred sword".)
Srei is a Khmer term meaning "woman". (Banteay Srei means "citadel of women".)
Ta is a Khmer term meaning "grandfather," or under some circumstances "ancestor." (Ta Prohm means "Ancestor Brahma". Neak ta means "ancestors" or "ancestral spirits".)
Thom is a Khmer term meaning "large". (Angkor Thom means "large city".)
Varman is a suffix meaning "shield" or "protector". (Suryavarman means "protected by Surya, the sun-god".)
Wat is a Khmer term, derived from the Sanskrit vattaram, meaning (Buddhist) "temple". (Angkor Wat means "temple city".)
Cambodia Siemreap District Angkor Temples Complex UNESCO World Heritage since 1992.

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Régis Desailly
Régis Desailly
Toujours superbes tes entrées en matière***********
5 years ago.
De retour par minou! J'ai retrouvé quelques photos sur un disque externe alors je vais en montrer quelques unes! Merci Régis!
5 years ago.
as always very well done
5 years ago.
Jacques has replied to albertsville
A long work to re-identify the pictures refound but with no titles and descriptions! Angkor was the largest town and religious site of the world; After come Tikal in Guatemala, Borobudur and Prambanan in Java, Teotihuacan and Yucatan temples in Mexico, the Egyptian pyramids, and also the Greek sites less large, all of them visited! We lack only Machu Pichu in Peru! Thank You Carol!
5 years ago.
albertsville has replied to Jacques
I would love to go to Machu Picchu, but that is only a dream. Many places are only a dream now that we are getting older and health and wealth just isn't there.
3 years ago.
Jacques has replied to albertsville
Yes it is important to travel when young; I could not do again these past trips now! I thank God to have seen so many great places while it remains unsignificant in front all the wonders of the world! We have now internet but it is really not the same! Thank You Carol!
3 years ago.
J'aime beaucoup aussi cette présentation ,qui permet de voir beaucoup, sur une seule page ....
5 years ago.
Jacques has replied to Krisonteme¸.•*¨
Une espèce de nostalgie des albums du défunt Webshots où on pouvait raconter un voyage et présenter toutes les photos d'un même lieu! Merci Krisonteme•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸…
5 years ago.