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Savoie Department
201206 Trip
Rhône-Alpes Region
Tour de France 2012
Chambery Capital
Elephant Fountain
Sculptor Pierre-Victor Grenoble Sappey

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P6067361ac Chambery Elephant Fountain 1838

P6067361ac Chambery Elephant Fountain 1838
This fountain, seen under an heavy rain, is the most famous landmark in Chambéry and was built in 1838 by the sculptor Pierre-Victor Grenoble Sappey commemorating the exploits of the Marathas of Comte de Boigne (1751-1830) in India after his death in 1831; The City Council of Chambéry has chosen the sculptor of this project for its originality and its low cost; This monument was inaugurated on 10 December 1838;
Description :
The overall high of 17.65 meters, is a clever superposition of three buildings: a fountain, a column and a statue; The fountain has in its plan the cross of Savoie; Four elephants gathered by the rump made ​​of cast iron throw the water into an octonal basin; They each carry a combat turn surmounted by a bas-relief or registration; Above are a wide variety of trophies: "Arms Persian, Mughal, Hindu, and various memorabilia manners, arts and civilization of the peoples that General Boigne has fought or governed up trophies"; The large column is symbolized by a palm trunk, it carries on its top the statue of the General; It is shown with the costume of Lieutenant-General of His Majesty the King of Sardinia; Spared by the bombing of May 1944, the statue stands in the context of street Boigne and remains a strong emblem of the city; The pachiderms are represented with great ressemblance to real ones! And their tusks are still present, alas in stone for the Chinese lovers of these products who are responsible of this oustanding creature rapid disparition (as for rhinos and other now rare species)!!!! We did not find the cathedral in this town while reputed to have fantastic organs, panels not seen!!! France Rhône-Alpes Region Savoie Department Chambery Capital Elephant Fountain.

oh I would love to see this in person. wow
6 years ago.
Jacques club has replied to albertsville
It is a very fine work close to the reality! Thank You Carol!
6 years ago.
Bernard club
plus communément appelée la fontaine des quatre sans cul !
belle prise et merci pour les infos!
6 years ago.
Jacques club has replied to Bernard club
Amusante appellation qui n'est pas sans fondement ah ah ah! Merci Bernard, Joyeux Noël!
6 years ago.

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