Posted on 05/29/2012

Photo taken on April  3, 2012

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Ragusa Town
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P4036816ac Syracuse Cathedral Duomo of Our Lady Baroque Facade

P4036816ac Syracuse Cathedral Duomo of Our Lady Baroque Facade
Inside the cathedral has been built using the Doric Columns of an antic Greek temple dedicated to Athena!!!! Wikipedia translated: Temple of Athena (Syracuse Cathedral) The temple of Athena, South of the island of Ortigia, is Doric peripteral, 6 x 14 columns, 22 x 55 m, more recent than the previous and dated to the early 5BC; The columns have 20 splines, are 8.70 m high, have a diameter less than 1, 90 m; They still have a slight bulge; The conflict is solved classically at angles by the contraction of intercolumniations end; This building combines local limestone and Cycladic marble and succeeds another temple of 6BC, found during excavations in 1912; The plan this time is canonical, with pronaos and opisthodomos in antis arranged symmetrically; The entrance was to the East; The temple was converted into a mosque in the seventh century, and Christianized in the eleventh century, with the entrance from the West; It is now incorporated in the building of the cathedral (Duomo di Siracusa), which forms the nave (the ancient walls of the cella pierced berries) and the aisles (former peristyle); The Doric columns can be observed both within and outside the cathedral, especially since the dismantling of Baroque interior ornaments, made ​​in 1925; This transformation is very similar to that experienced by the Temple of Concord in Agrigento; Italy Sicily Mediterranean Island Syracuse Province Syracuse town UNESCO World Heritage.

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