Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

Posted on 08/03/2012

Photo taken on July  6, 2012

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i do not like the cone of shame

i do not like the cone of shame
Poor Macy. Took her in for her yearly exam and found that not only is the Ehrlichia still active, but she's got Lyme Disease as well. Two tick borne illnesses! And I use all the good stuff to prevent that, too. The vet needed more blood to do more Lyme testing, and I was holding Macy's head up...which is when I felt the lump under her jaw. The vet aspirated it, and it was not good news - it was a mast cell tumor, skin cancer. Macy went in a week later and had the tumor, along with copious amounts of surrounding skin, removed (which is when they found the second tumor, also removed). The good news is the vet got all the cancer, it hadn't started to spread, and there's no sign of cancer in her blood - YAY! My miracle dog. :)
Now to fight the Ehrlichia and the Lyme...