Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

Posted on 03/15/2011

Photo taken on March 14, 2011

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I wuz a gud boi fer mah ped-ee-kure

I wuz a gud boi fer mah ped-ee-kure

This was Fargo's third trim since he decided to revert back to ZOMG!YOU'RETRYINGTOKILLME! mode. He did ok, but still has a hard time with the tools making noise, the trimmer switching from one side to another, and the initial approach. Once he's relaxed he's a very good boy - he rarely tries to jerk his foot away. (His old M.O. was to jerk his foot away, pull back, spin and take off.) I'm actually quite pleased that he's "come back" mentally as quickly as he has. I thought it might take him a year to trust the trimmer again. Mister was more of a PITA this time around; he constantly has to back into people to have his butt scratched, regardless of what else they may be trimming the other mule. *eye roll*
By the way, my trimmer is A GODDESS. She has the patience of a saint, and is always pointing out the positive rather than dwelling on the negative. If it wasn't for her, I honestly don't know what I'd do about this mule's feet.

*no treats were used in this session of trimming ~ amazing, but true! That made me even more proud of my boy!