Vicar to Evensong

I have no idea where this image came from, but years later Albert Jungers (Father Al) honoured me by choosing it for the cover of his truly wonderful book of poetry that he had already named: "Journey to Evensong." Beyond coincidental?

The Window

This image came from another time & space; I don't know this woman...I've never seen her face.

Abstract Canyon Walls

Gouache on heavy d'archs...don't remember the pounds....

WWI Prussian pixel helmet

Oil on canvas still life ...Photo Realism

Mother attending her funeral

This is a drawing/painting of another of my dreams. Please interpret as you wish...the symbols are really universal anyway.

Swan of Tuonela

This image is from Finnish mythology, if you care to look it up! It was drawn on a lime stone & I printed it with a rainbow roll. The water is intentionally turbulent.

Begonia Blossom

Desert Rabbit Brush flic


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